Paddington (2014) Review

When Paddington is sent from his home in Peru to London, England. He must find a place to live, luckily he meets the Brown family in Paddington railway station who offer him a place to stay for the night.

Paddington gives a back story of where the young bear came from, his family and how he ended up in England. Which was built up at a good pace and gave a little bit more to think about. So we get to watch his journey to the railway station and meeting the Brown’s for the first time.

The bear seems to very easily cause trouble and create problems for himself which does not fit well with Mr. Brown who does not want Paddington in the house at all. With good reason when he seems to destroy everything and anything that comes in his path. But something begins to happen in the house and Paddington really helps Judy and Jonathan in so many different ways. It even all brings the family closer together when it seems they had been having problems.

The film boasts some fantastic British talent and two you cannot help but love in Julie Walters and a brief appearance from the brilliant Jim Broadbent. Moving away from the British talent in the film to Nicole Kidman, who puts in a very strange and odd performance as the evil woman. Kinda has a Cruela DeVil feel to her.

I actually found myself enjoying this film a lot more than I expected. It had some funny moments, some heart warming moments and some moments that children would really enjoy. The bear is pretty loveable and voiced by the fantastic Ben Whishaw, who really makes Paddington even better in my opinion.

The way this film built everything up and gave a story really does leave and set it up to be a franchise or at the very least have a sequel. So far in the UK box office it seems to be doing very well, keep an eye out on the overall box office and I am sure it will be announced pretty soon.

I guess it was a return to my childhood as I just about remember watching Paddington Bear and having my own toy. So that was pretty good, what does he like again … Marmalade? I don’t think that was mentioned enough in this film, haha. Honestly they really made sure you knew Paddington was a big fan of the orange stuff!

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