Sleepless in Seattle (1993) Review

When a young boy rings a radio station to find a new wife for his father, everyone is gripped by this especially Annie who really feels that she has to meet Sam and his son Jonah.

This surely has to be one of the most well known romantic films, which actually links to and mentions another very romantic film quite a lot and that is what the film scene is all based around. That film just happens to be one of my all time as well An Affair to Remember. I love the scenes with the women talking about it as they just cry thinking about it. Something you can totally relate to.

This has a fantastic cast and really is easy to watch and will make you smile, laugh and possibly cry. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan really do work so well together. Even if in this they don’t spend a massive amount of time on screen together, but they have that spark when they eventually meet, at the top of the Empire State Building obviously.

This is one of those films that young people now probably won’t understand very much at all, due to things taking place with letters and a lot of time in between. Before the internet and mobile phones were a big deal, I think it’s actually quite sad that is now the case. I mean come on letters were fantastic, you were never sure when they would arrive and could spend a bit of time reading them.

This film still has a lot of charm and I enjoy watching it to this day and have seen it quite a lot now. Although it is not my favourite with Hanks and Ryan though ‘You’ve Got Mail’ takes that crown. Although that could be an interesting question to which one you like better?

So if you fancy a nice easy to watch romantic film that isn’t too hard to handle this certainly fits into that category. So if you haven’t seen this one it certainly should be on your list of Romantic Comedies, much better than anything in this genre that gets released today!

7 thoughts on “Sleepless in Seattle (1993) Review

  1. I seem to remember that Sleepless in Seattle was a slight disappointment the first time I saw it (slight), as my expectations were high after When Harry Met Sally. But I’ve really grown to love it, and I think Sam is one of my favourite Tom Hanks characters ever. (And I’ve been a fan since Splash.)
    Sleepless also has some of my favourite comedy moments (An Affair to Remember vs. The Dirty Dozen) and some heartbreaking moments I’ll never forget. I can only imagine since Nora Ephron left us that she is bringing that much more joy to those in heaven.


    • That just shows that you need to give some films a couple of chances. Think I was the same with this one, wasn’t the biggest fan on the first viewing but after a few more and getting a little older I grew to love it too!


  2. You’ve Got Mail is my favorite of Hanks and Ryan too. But I do like Sleepless in Seattle. I agree that younger generations will probably misunderstand why people enjoy the film. Nice review, Caz!


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