Grand Piano (2013) Review

Tom is getting ready to make a big concert comeback after choking five years before …

Very interesting idea for a film Tom playing the piano and the seeing threatening messages when he looks through the score. Then a voice of a man who is controlling the situation, we never actually find out his name though. He has a gun and the red light is pointing right at Tom.

We quickly see that it has been a long time (5 years) since Tom last played to an audience and this experience did not go well at all. He froze and spoilt the piece he was trying to play.

A sell out crowd are looking forward to the show and the piano had just been transported it especially for Tom’s big comeback. Which seems to have been mainly put together by his popular actress wife. Who isn’t particularly likeable but you can understand the fans around them, it happens when two different “celebrities” are together.

It was a different role for Elijah Wood and his piano skills were very impressive, considering his only had 3 weeks to master the instrument. His anxious nature on stage was believable and he carried the film very well, it was all about him and on him for pretty much the entire time. Showing that Wood has a good range as an actor and not afraid to take on different types of roles.

Remember most of the film takes place as Tom is on the stage performing. Which sets it up to be a very engaging thriller. However, I did find the ending rather disappointing as it built it all up massively and questions were left unanswered. I wanted to know more! So that is quite a downside to the film, you are left wondering too many different things and what the whole point was?

I would recommend it though as has some very good ideas in the plot, even if it is quite similar to other thrillers the use of the piano, a live concert and being on a stage was put together very well, not forgetting the use of a mobile phone. But it will leave you frustrated with the ending and wanting to know a little bit more, it is still worth the watch as this one seems to have slipped under the radar and I managed to catch up when on a flight last month.

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