Men, Women & Children (2014) Review

The impact of social media and the internet is shown with some teenagers and their parents as they all strangely struggle to communicate.

I am honestly not even sure where to start with this review. Not going to hold back at all, I thought this was one of the worst films I have ever sat through at the cinema. It is truly awful. The performances and the script are woeful, I would not recommend this film for any reason whatsoever.

The idea behind it does sound quite appealing with the level we now all rely on our phones and the use of mainly Facebook and other social media tools. So that is one of the main reasons we went to see this film, it would be current and we could relate to it. Or maybe not, it seemed to go down any road to have sex as the main theme and that is all people base anything and everything around. It wasn’t done in the best of ways and create some very awkward and strange moments.

Yes it may address some issues we now have in life and crossovers from the reality world to the real world. But some of it is just crazy, I mean the mother who monitored every single message of any form sent to her daughter was just psycho. Yes somethings need to be watched but surely no one really behaves like that?

If so I am very pleased that I am not a teenager in this day and age. It does however show that a younger generation do not know how to actually interact with one another when you take out the equation of a phone or computer. Something which is probably only going to get worse rather than get any better.

I found myself laughing out loud at times, but not because the film was actually funny. But because it was so pathetic in scenes, the acting was wooden and did not flow very well from all of the cast. None of the characters were likeable and you will not care what happens to them. Well that’s how I felt anyway.

The opening and closing of the film with shots of space and a satellite clearly trying to make the film seem more intelligent and out there than it was ever going to be. I felt cheated that Emma Thompson was only the narrator as well, surely the film would have been slightly better with her in a role? Ok maybe not.

This was released in the UK yesterday and we went opening night with only 10 people in the screening and 2 walking out before the end. Looks like it will only be on a week, thankfully not many others will have to suffer through it. Were you unlucky enough to head into this one?

7 thoughts on “Men, Women & Children (2014) Review

  1. Ya know, I was disappointed this film didn’t do as well. I heard it could have been so much better. I really wanted to see it, but it seems like everyone who has seen it was disappointed by it. The subject matter seemed intriguing. Oh well . . .


    • I think that is what made it worse, that the subject matter is very current and a good idea. The way they went with it all was not good at all, I will actually say I hated this film a lot. I wanted to leave the cinema before the end.

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  2. I’m just catching up on reading some past reviews..couldn’t agree more with this one!! Awful acting..bad movie..Adam Sandler in comedies isn’t funny a lead drama actor..possibly even worse.. I saw it waaay back in October I think..never even bothered to write up a review as I figured it sucked enough from me just watching the film..ha!


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