Interstellar (2014) Review

When the world is on the verge of extinction something has to be done to try to save mankind . . .

Cooper and his daughter Murph seem to be onto something when strange things happen in the house. We get a sense that the world is a very different place and Murph is not very popular with her teachers at school as her father teaches her about science and facts. This then leads them to finding out that NASA do indeed still exist and have a plan, it just so happened Cooper had trained as a pilot.

The film is a lot to handle but that’s not a bad thing. It is rather incredible. It will make you think about well pretty much time and life itself, how we must really think about what to do with the time we have. When travelling in space you have to remember the different orbits and time changes. How they relate back to Earth, some of these moments really make this film hard to handle. You can understand Cooper’s trauma with leaving his children back on Earth.

Visually the film is very impressive and you would think that because we had Gravity recently that space would have all been done and dusted, but this is on a different level. It takes us deeper into space and touches on time and how that is lost when your out in space.

The team of explorers who are sent out to try to find which of the 12 planets would be suitable for mankind to move to. This was possible as 12 people had volunteered to head out on a very lonely mission to get samples and test the planets out. This added even more depth to the storyline and wondering how they were going to decide which planet would be best to try out.

It really does have a complex plot with some twists and turns as well as depth. So much that I cannot really mention some parts without major spoilers for the film. So you will have to check it out for yourself and I am sure will understand why there’s only so much you can say about the plot.

Cooper works very well as our hero and he is very likeable, you can understand why he took the mission in the first place and was determined to succeed in his promise to return home to his son and daughter. I actually found the scene where he left Murph to be rather traumatic, when she won’t even say goodbye to him as she doesn’t want him to go at all. Honestly it will rip your heart out.

It really does have to be a film you catch on the big screen, don’t let the running time put you off as it really does fly past. I honestly couldn’t believe that it doesn’t actually feel too long. Always a big risk with a big running time, this one pulls it out of the bag and will keep you right into the story from start to finish.

The whole cast put in brilliant performances and work well together, including some surprises or what feel like surprises as aren’t in the trailer. I was shocked to see a big named actor in the film when I didn’t actually realise he was in it, I wonder how many others will do the same for that!

I guess space is still a very engaging type of film to make and having to think about time is certainly something that hits home. We all get older every day and each year, what about the places in space where time seems to stand still? I pretty much think this is my favourite film so far this year, with only a month to go it could take the top spot for 2014 films for me!

Have you seen it and does your head still hurt thinking about it?

14 thoughts on “Interstellar (2014) Review

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    Now that’s done, I liked Interstellar. It was nice to see a science fiction movie that actually seemed to have some idea of what it was talking about for once. Admittedly I had some uncertainties when it turned out the wormhole led to another galaxy but Christopher Nolan actually seemed to understand the scale of such an expedition (as opposed to just failing to understand the difference between “intergalactic” and “interstellar”). I also liked the fact that he actually took the time to learn the difference between a black hole and wormhole (so many science fiction movies get those two things confused, it’s really annoying) and addressed the issues of time dilation that come with travelling such distances through space (instead of just doing what George Lucas did and pretending they don’t exist).


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