7 Films That Will Make You Scared of the Water

It’s been a while since I have put together a ‘7 Things’ list but while watching some of “All is Lost” on Saturday it got me thinking about films which will actually make you scared to go into the sea and maybe of the water in general. I certainly wouldn’t fancy a small boat in the sea at all!

Didn’t quite make the list – Titanic I thought this would be the most obvious choice so decided to not include it in the 7 films.

All is Lost

Poor Robert Redford pretty much showing why you should never do this alone.

Perfect Storm

A rough ride for Clooney and Wahlberg in this one!


This really does make you think twice about going in the water!

The Guardian

Rescue swimmers jumping in the water to save people when no-one else will

Captain Phillips

Being taken hostage and not having any help close by!

Hard Rain

A big storm in a town which begins to flood, with guns and bad guys involved!

Life of Pi

Losing your whole family and life in a shipwreck and managing to survive?

What films would you have on this list?

10 thoughts on “7 Films That Will Make You Scared of the Water

  1. Great list. I will throw The Reef in there. It is an Australian shark thriller. Instead of CGI, they edit genuine shark footage into the film. It sounds clunky, but believe me it is terrifyingly done.


  2. I’d recommend the British Titanic movie, 1958’s A Night to Remember and a disaster flick The Last Voyage: poor Dorothy Malone is trapped under tons of metal from a boiler exploding on a cruise ship and she’s gonna drown unless hubby Robert Stack can find a way to save her.


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