Page by Page by Paige Tour – Review

An incredible evening with the first lady of musical theatre as she takes a trip through some of the incredible shows she has been part of and belts out some incredible songs from these shows. With plenty of stories and laughs in between to really share in how much Elaine loves being on that stage. But not only that she can still totally own the stage. I am truly honoured and privileged to have seen the absolute legend live after years and years of wanting to do just that, we will never really say goodbye.

As we are taken through the years and moments, during dress changes we are looking at photos from not only Elaine’s stage live but her entire life, early childhood photos and all of the people she has called a friend and the incredible people she had worked with over the years. I thought her rendition of ‘Radio Gaga’ and tribute to Freddie Mercury and Queen was fantastic and had everyone in the audience clapping along.

It’s hard to say which song I enjoyed the most as I really did love all of them, obviously we were all waiting for ‘Memory’ and it was well worth the wait. I have seen Cats three times and that song really does get to you, sending shivers down your spine. This time as even more special as Elaine really did show that she can still hit all of those notes. I had tears in my eyes throughout this one, it really is just one of those songs. The opening with the speaking of the lines from ‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina’ was such a clever way to do it, she meant all those words from herself this time not just as Eva Peron.

The addition of a specially written song by Stephen Sondheim was another highlight as he changed the lyrics to ‘I’m Still Here’ relating it to her own life. It really was hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. Another emotional song had to be her rendition of The Beatles’ ‘All My Life’ which she sung with photos in the background. Who am I actually kidding though? The whole night was very emotional, I really was so thrilled to be in the same building as Elaine Paige and listening to her incredible voice. Honestly I have loved her since I can remember! At 27 years old, I was one of the youngest faces in the audience, it was a very old audience. But the way they enjoyed it as well was just brilliant.

I couldn’t quite believe that it was going to get any better but it was even better when she decided to quote Mae West and one of my all time favourite quotes “You only live once, if you do it right once is enough”. I thought that was incredible that she has obviously lived by that throughout her life. As she certainly has had some very tough times and not let that stop her getting to the very top. I see her as such an inspiration and feel even more inspired after seeing her own the stage and mean all of those lyrics from all of the carefully picked out songs for an incredible show.

Gardar Thor Cortes

Her special guest who took to the stage for a duet and filled in dress changes was classical music singer Gardar Thor Cortes and he was incredible as well. What a voice he has! I haven’t seen many (if any) classical music singers live, but I would certainly consider it after listening to him. It even resulted in buying a CD after the show getting it signed and having my photo taken with him!

This was a farewell tour and Elaine completed two encores (not sure if this was all planned anyway) but standing ovations and rightly deserved happened three times at the end of the show. She still has it all and the love from the fans, so well done to Elaine Paige on her 50th Anniversary in show business and still doing it ever so well. She is an inspiration and a legend. I hope her TV series will return for a second season as really did enjoy that, also her radio show on a Sunday afternoon on BBC Radio 2.

You will also get her legendary laugh as she tells stories and cracks a couple of jokes throughout her charming show. The band was fantastic as well going all night, with just the intermission for a small break. I am still smiling one night later thinking about how well put together the show was and seeing one of my all time favourite singers live and doing what she does best.

With only a few more shows left as she bids goodbye to us all . . . I hope a DVD will be released for this final curtain call for this incredible performer!

One thought on “Page by Page by Paige Tour – Review

  1. […] October was still part of the trip down to London and we went to see Wicked at the Victoria Apollo Theatre, yes my second time this year and fourth overall. But we wanted to do this because Kerry Ellis was back as Elphaba and we wanted to be able to say we had seen her in this role. You can read the full review here. That was not the end of this month for me as I eventually after years of wanting to see her live got to see Elaine Paige in her farewell and celebration tour at The Sage in Gateshead. It was an amazing night and see really still has it, belting out some of the songs which she made famous and vice versa. It was a lovely night at an incredible venue, thank you Ms Paige for the memories. You can read the full review here. […]


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