Announcement: My Hometown Blogathon


Let’s Go To The Movies would like to announce hosting its first ever Blogathon. Which is going to be based around everyone’s hometown. The idea is to do a little bit of research to put together a blog post about your hometown and link it to film. It doesn’t matter if another blogger is from the same town as the blog posts could take totally different angles on it. You are more than welcome to do more than one town if you have moved around and class a few different places as your home.

Some areas you may want to include:

  • Films set in that town
  • Films filmed in your town
  • Famous people in film born in your town
  • Famous people in film who grew up in your town
  • Famous people in film who now live in your town

While I have said film, you can also link to TV shows, Theatre and books if you want to take that angle. I know the blogging network is very large and want to encourage maximum participation in this blogathon!

If you can look to have the posts up by the weekend – 22nd and 23rd November this gives everyone plenty of time to put something together!


(If you would like one made specifically for you, then please send me a photo and I will sort it)

Please can you link back to this blog post if you are publicising the blogathon on your blog!


Either comment at the bottom of this post with your hometown choice, name, blog name and you will be added to the list or email!

The List 

South Shields, England – Caz (Let’s Go To The Movies)

48 thoughts on “Announcement: My Hometown Blogathon

  1. I would love to try this since I’ve been thinking about writing a post like this for a while! My hometown is Syracuse, NY. Is it ok if I include some smaller towns outside Syracuse too?


  2. My hometown of Defiance, OH has actually had a couple movies made about it-so I’ll easliy blog about that. Plus, a famous actor/comedian’s son was married at a church in my hometown,too, in the late 1950s or early 1960s.


  3. Awesome idea! I’m definitely all for this – can you put me down for Chicago? 🙂

    Here’s a photo you could make for a banner (if you don’t mind):

    (If the link doesn’t work, just let me know and I’ll FB message you the photo!)

    Thanks, and looking forward to participating, Caz!


  4. Interesting! My idea is this: I live in Poços de Caldas, Brazil. It is connected with the film world in two ways: 1- there was a cassino and lots of famous people came here (such as Sara Montiel and Carmen Miranda’s sister) and 2- Our main hotel looks like the Overlook Hotel from The Shining!
    Can I jump aboard the event? (I write in Portuguese, but my blog has a translator)
    Le from Critica Retro


  5. Its times like this I regret living were I do as nothing is set around here in Portsmouth and I doubt anyone would want to watch it if it was 🙂

    Now if I lived in a hip city like Baltimore or New York then this would be a whole lot easier.


  6. Not real sure how I missed this. Glad I caught it in time to put something together. I was born and raised in New York. Since that’s such a vast topic as far as film is concerned, I’m going to narrow it down to the borough I’m from: Queens.


  7. […] Let’s Go to the Movies decided to host her very first blogathon and the rules weren’t too difficult to follow:  one could write about films set in one’s hometown, films made in one’s hometown, famous people in film who were born in your hometown, famous people in film who grew up in your hometown, and famous film folks who now live in your hometown.  My hometown has actually been featured in two films and a popular television show, so let’s delve into my hometown, Defiance, Ohio and find out what it’s connections to the entertainment industry are. […]


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