Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Review

New York City is beginning to fall under a darkness and this provides some unlikely heroes some overgrown mutant turtles who can speak and just happen to be ninjas.

It seemed to take quite a while before we got to eventually see the turtles and it is worth the wait I must admit that they do look pretty cool in this film, and act rather cool as well. We get quite a lot of back story and April is very much a key focus in it all. Just a shame she is played by Megan Fox (I know every single male out there will disagree with me not liking her) as they do have a couple of moments it could have done without.

We get to see exactly how the turtles became more human like and understand the background a bit more, building it up for a possible franchise? I guess it depends really, I had heard that it received bad reviews on the release in the US but that didn’t stop me wanting to see it. The child inside me was still rather excited about it, I remember loving TMNT when I was a kid.

We are given a couple of bad guys Shredder is attempting to poison NYC and then take over everything after wiping out most of the population. But not if the turtles can do something to help stop him and put an end to his evil plan. A small twist that you will see but I won’t spoil for the second bad guy it is rather obvious from the very start.

I still think this film is a lot of fun and that kids in particular will really enjoy it and find it funny at times. The action scenes are decent and you will see the turtles doing some crazy stunts, especially when it gets to the snow part! Don’t go to watch this one and take it too seriously as that is not the intention of it at all. Just relax and remember what it was like to be a kid again!

They manage to sneak in the good old lines as well, so you won’t be disappointed in that sense. It doesn’t have a massive complex story but I can see this as more of building block for a possible second (I guess the box office and audience thoughts will make more of a difference than the critics reviews?) as usual with the superhero genre it certainly leaves it ready for another film and story.

6 thoughts on “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) Review

  1. I don’t have a huge interest in seeing this, despite my love for TMNT when I was a kid. I hate the idea of Megan Fox playing April. Perhaps I will try watching this when it comes out on DVD.


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