Striking Distance (1993) Review

Homicide detective Tom Hardy finds himself being demoted after accusing his partner of being a serial killer. Two Years later it starts happening again, only this time its more personal when the girls being killed are ex-lovers of Hardy’s.

Everything changed for Tom Hardy the day his father was killed when chasing the suspect and he was then placed out in a different post which he was not enjoying at all. His family had pretty much disowned him and trying to keep things from him. Other police officers didn’t want anything to do with him either. When he gets a new partner who is a woman, Jo Christman his outlook is changed when she is much better than he first expected.

He is haunted by the past and will not things go, he cannot give up his old role despite being taken away from it all and put out on the water. He knows something was not right that day and the person charged for his father’s death was not the right man. This causes some problems for him but he wants justice overall.

This film is by no means great at all, watchable if you like action films with cops in them. But even then it’s not the best in that genre. Bruce Willis was coming off Die Hard at this point and I am sure everything he was doing was in that type of mould. Throw in Sarah Jessica Parker and that is a pretty good 90s duo for a film. It is lacking quite a few things but you can never really decide what it needs more of.

I think at times the twists try to be way too clever for itself and they then don’t really have the intended impact as you aren’t really that bothered about it all. You have to care a little bit about the characters for things like this to actually affect you when watching the film. I wouldn’t really recommend this one as it’s pretty similar to other films in the same genre and I am sure you could pick out a better one.

Obviously if you’re a big Bruce Willis fan than I am sure you will enjoy this one a lot more as  he really does carry the film and it is pretty much all about him!

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