Robin Williams: A Tribute

I don’t even know where to start with this blog post, I feel so sad even just having to write it. I cannot believe Robin Williams is no longer part of this world. He has always been one of my favourite actors and totally made my childhood with so many films which I still love to this day. I have seen a huge range of his films and will continue to catch up with the ones I have missed. In the past few days I have found myself watching Mrs Doubtfire, Jumanji and Dead Poets Society because they have all been on Sky Movies. Yes I do have those on DVD as well.

The thing that set Robin apart from other actors is that sparkle in his eye, I am sure you know what I am talking about. He had that cheeky look with that incredible sparkle, think about the end of Dead Poets Society and the closing scene. He has been given some incredible lines that you should remember in everyday life and truly make your life incredible. Good Will Hunting is probably one of my favourites with his performance as was probably the first dramatic film I saw Robin in, he really does bring it home in that and truly deserved that Oscar for an actor in s supporting role.


As a 5 year old this was the first film I ever saw at the cinema and one of my favourite Disney films. Robin really set the ball rolling for mainstream actors to take on voice parts and now animated films are full of voices you already know. Who doesn’t love the Genie in Aladdin and how over the top it all is from start to finish.


If Peter Pan grew up? Well who better to take on the role of Peter than Robin? He has such a charm in this film and truly is the big kid when he eventually remembers everything about Neverland and Captain Hook. Another film I watched so many times as a kid I have lost count. I still find myself watching this one whenever it is on TV as well. I just cannot resist it.

Mrs Doubtfire

Possibly one of my most watched films of all time? Well I remember watching the VHS and then re-winding and watching again as a kid. It’s been on TV loads in the past few months and I have put it on every time I’ve seen it and of course i have it on DVD now. It makes me laugh just as much if not more, now that I actually get some of the lines. Yes so much adult humour is snuck into the lines in this film. Something you don’t realise until you get older. So it really does have something for everyone. I know every single word in the film and I will never ever get tired of it.


Another which I watched so much as well, I always wanted to play this game. If you think of how good your imagination is as a child then this film really will be amazing to you. I still think it stands as good film now and has aged pretty well since its release in the 90s. Who didn’t want to do this type of thing with a little bit of time travel thrown in as well.


I’ve added in this one because I remember seeing it at the cinema and my dad now still complains about it being one of the worst films he has ever seen. It still gets the odd mention, I cannot really remember much about it to be honest. I haven’t seen it for a very long time. Maybe this is one of them that I should actually revisit?

Then when you watch the films and realise how much of an incredible range he has an actor.

Good Will Hunting

I see this as one of my all time favourite films and that is to do with Robin Williams performance, don’t forget he won an Oscar for this role and that was more than deserved. He is incredible and really does give so much for the film and brings out an amazing performance from Matt Damon as well.

Dead Poets Society

This film has so much to offer and so many brilliant performances but is centred around Williams character even though he doesn’t actually have as much screen time as you may think. But even when he is not on screen he is talked about. Oh captain my captain, you feel that the young actors really do responded to him as well as they would have to the teacher.


Taking on not only a dark role but taking on Al Pacino as well was always going to be a difficult task. But it ends well as they both have a great go at each other in this film and really push to the limits. It is something which is special and you don’t see that often.

One Hour Photo

Possibly one of the creepiest films I have ever seen really and Williams really is something else in this one. It will leave you haunted and still thinking about it days later, as it really does mess with your mind. It will probably shock people who have only seen Williams in comedy roles, this could not be further from those!


Williams and DeNiro carrying this one and it does have a touching and heartwarming story to go along with it. They work well together and you cannot help but want them to succeed. Not really the happiest of endings but creates some small things to think about.

The Birdcage

Hilarious is the best way to start about this one, Williams and Nathan Lane as the gay couple. You may not think that sounds the best but honestly they pull it off in such a brilliant way. Especially when put up against Gene Hackman, it has a touching story at the core of it and really a brilliant comedy. They work so well together and you will be able to sit back and enjoy this one.

World’s Greatest Dad

This film has a bit of a strange storyline and therefore creates another interesting role for Williams. It turns out to be quite good with how it addresses things if you can get passed the beginning. Trying to comment without actually spoiling the film, as it does have quite a few twists and turns. Some of his lines will be difficult to listen to after what happened.

As you can see I still do have a lot of his films to catch up with! Looking forward to watching even more of this great actors incredible range of films. It has taken quite a while to put this post together as it’s something that was pretty hard to do. I still cannot believe that Robin Williams is no longer with us and we won’t be seeing him or hearing him in anymore films. But at least the ones we have are all pretty incredible and he will live on in these films, some of which have some truly inspiring quotes.

RIP Robin Williams.

7 thoughts on “Robin Williams: A Tribute

    • Glad you like it! He really does have some incredible films. I urge you to see those three films, especially Dead Poet’s Society and Good Will Hunting!!


  1. Makes me sad just looking at those pictures and GIFs. Aladdin, Jumanji, Mrs. Doubtfire – all are some of my favorite movies from growing up. Good Will Hunting is probably my favorite film of his, although I have yet to see Dead Poets Society. Nice tribute, Caz.


  2. Great tribute! I was finally able to rewatch Good Will Hunting last week. He was so incredible in that film. I still have not had a chance to see One Hour Photo yet. I am curious about that one as well as Insomnia.


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