Wicked (West End) Review


Elphaba – Kerry Ellis

Glinda – Savannah Stevenson

Fiyero – Justin Thomas

Madame Morrible – Sue Kelvin

The Wizard – Martyn Ellis

Nessarose – Katie Rowley Jones

Boq – Sam Lupton

Show date: Wednesday 1st October (Matinee performance)

This marks my fourth time seeing Wicked on stage and I still love every single second of it, maybe even more each time. I love all of the songs in this musical and the story to go with it. Honestly nothing makes me happier than seeing it all unfold on the stage. It is funny, cute and emotional all rolled into one. You can relate to so many events in the show and really feel sorry for the different characters at different times.

Considering the last time I saw this in the West End was back in March, most of the cast were still the same. Justin Thomas who is understudy for Fiyero took the place in this show for Jeremy Taylor and Kerry Ellis is back in London as Elphaba so that was exciting to see her in the show. It seemed as though Kerry Ellis was holding back to begin with but really went for it with the big show-stopping numbers ‘Defying Gravity’ and ‘No Good Deed’, both of which make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck and send shivers down your spine.

Savannah Stevenson is without a doubt my favourite Glinda (so far) she is just hilarious in the role and has a fantastic voice to go with it. Love the energy she puts into ‘Popular’ which is a pretty well known song from the show. It is also one of the funniest moments, but a nice one as well showing how the friendship between the pair is starting to grow. Anything with a love triangle always goes down well with the Fiyero not being able to make his mind up between the two, and being pretty much confused. Which leads to an incredible love song in ‘As long as your mine’ … Just for this moment, pretty much sums up any love that isn’t straight forward and simple to have.

I loved Sue Kelvin as Madam Morrible the first time round and think that grew the second time. She has a brilliant voice and really struts around the stage like she totally owns and it she certainly did well owning the stage. I thought Justin Thomas was a very good Fiyero and done very well with his big number ‘Dancing through life” really showing his dancing and singing skills all at once.

Don’t forget about all the brilliant references tying the story in with The Wizard of Oz so everything all makes sense and the emotions you will feel throughout, the bright costumes and fantastic dance routines. Defying Gravity is still a must see and emotional theatrical moment that you really need to experience at least one. I cannot wait for my fifth and many more visits to my all time favourite show Wicked.

I am now pleased to say that I have seen Kerry Ellis as Elphaba in Wicked and that was quite a special experience, even if vocally she seemed to hold herself back. She does have a lot of things going on at the moment. Her own concerts as well as performing in Wicked, she certainly does not have an easy schedule at all. It was brilliant to see her on the stage at the Victoria Apollo Theatre.

So well done to Wicked London for continuing to put on an incredible show, it really is a special show and firmly remains my all time favourite as I really do think it has a little something for everyone and plays with your emotions throughout. I really do recommend this to people who have not seen it, don’t forget it is also on tour of the UK as well as being in the West End so catch it when it flies into a theatre near you! I already have one set of tickets for Sunderland next year, I am sure I will be tempted to buy a few more before we reach March/April 2015!

7 thoughts on “Wicked (West End) Review

  1. Ahh, that is so awesome! I have seen Wicked either 7 or 8 times, all in Chicago (since I was born and resided in the suburbs of it for most of my life). One of my absolute favorite shows to see, and can I just say I’m insanely jealous you got to see Kerry Ellis perform live?! I saw her in the 2008 London performance of Chess (on DVD, not in person, like I would have loved), and I was blown away by her incredible voice and talent. Not to mention, it was pretty awesome watching her play opposite of Josh Groban. But ANYWAYS, nice review on this, Caz, and I’m happy you’ve gotten to see so many great shows. Sounds like a blast!


    • That’s fantastic! I have tickets for the UK tour next year as well, I just love Wicked. It was a shame Kerry Ellis was holding back a little with it all but I can understand that.

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