Aladdin (1992) Review

Aladdin a common street urchin accidentally meets Princess Jasmine out in the streets and his world is changed. Everything seems as though it is falling into place when he finds a magic lamp after being tricked into a mission by the evil Jafar.

This film will always have a special place for me, as it was the first film I went to the cinema to see as a child and still love watching it now. Robin Williams voice as the genie really is just the best (and was pretty much the first big name to take on the animated scene). Even watching it last night I still loved and laughed though out as well as singing along to the very catchy songs. It really does have pretty much everything wrapped up in it. One of Disney’s best in my opinion.

Who wouldn’t want to go on a magic carpet ride? And who says you have to fall in love with a Prince? Aladdin certainly is not a Prince and I think that’s another reason why I love this film so much. It does show that you can cross paths and things can change, also just backing up that you cannot help who you fall in love with. It gives you another take on things and is mainly from the mans point of view.

A whole new world is a great song even when taken away from the film and that is something that Disney seem to do very well. They don’t only give you great moments on-screen but also great songs that you can use to relate to in life as well. Who hasn’t thought of a relationship and a whole new world? Come on I know that I am not the only one.

It also creates the scenario of if you had three wishes what would you wish for? Remembering the rules of course, but I think that is an interesting one to come up with and I am sure most people will start off with wanting a lot of money. So pretty similar to Aladdin when he wishes to become a Prince, wealth comes with that. So what would you wish for?

So if you haven’t seen this Disney classic before or it’s been a while since you last watched it I urge you to head on the magic carpet ride and enjoy everything about Aladdin!

10 thoughts on “Aladdin (1992) Review

  1. Did you know that Linda Larkin was the speaking voice of the princess but Lea Salonga was the singing voice.
    The original Miss Saigon. I understand she was uncredited.


  2. I think it’s cool that you remember Aladdin being your first movie you saw in the theaters. I wish I could remember mine, but I don’t! I always thought of Robin Williams as the first guy to hit it really big in the animated film industry too, given his awesome voicework in this movie. Nice review!


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