Insomnia (2002) Review

Two LA detectives are sent to a northern town in Alaska where the sun doesn’t set to investigate the murder of a teenage girl. Everything is not as it seems and as Will Dormer discovers, lack of sleep will push you to the edge.

The story in this film has plenty of twists and turns, starting off very badly for Dormer when he accidentally shoots and kills his partner when chasing the suspect. Who actually sees exactly what happened, this is Walter Finch. Finch is a local writer who the tragic teen had a relationship with. It takes quite a lot for Dormer to hear what actually happened the night the girl died.

Ellie Burr is working the case as well and does not often see eye to eye with Dormer especially when her instincts take over and she figures everything out. We get some fantastic scenes between Pacino and Williams throughout the film and it really does leave you wanting even more, they are really going at it with each other and you cannot help but side with Dormer.

It must be a total nightmare staying in a place which is constantly light and this film really shows what lack of sleep can do to you. Especially if you have a guilty conscious, it is certainly not going to end well. This is what we see with Dormer he cannot take the guilt but has waited too long to then tell the truth and in way too deep with the key suspect in the murder case.

This is certainly one of Robin Williams impressive performances, he is totally creepy and you cannot help but feel scared of him. He has the strange man thing totally spot on and the role of a total loser. But at the same time you also feel sorry for him, it is a very confusing character, when you find out what he has done though you will quickly change your mind.

I have found myself watching this film a few times as it does have a decent story and some very good performances from the cast. I really would recommend this one as a good thriller if this is your type of film. Actually even if it’s not give it a go with Pacino, Williams and Swank it was always going to be a good ride!

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