Into The Storm (2014) Review

Into the Storm shows how the worst storm ever recorded is caught by all different types of people in a small town. Including storm chasers, teenagers and wannabe daredevils.

After seeing the trailer this film wasn’t entirely what I expected … Wait I knew it was going to have a storm. I mean by the supposed home footage being used for it. I am not really the biggest fan of this style of film, I understand its to try and make it feel more real. But I don’t like the constant camera shaking and movement it then brings.

It has a couple of different stories going on at the same time and these cross paths which makes it a little bit more interesting to watch. The effects of the storm are brilliant, but the character build up adds another edge really. It makes you think about how important family and friends would be when put in a situation like this. One of the main stories is a father trying to get to his son (yes a little bit The Day After Tomorrow) but it is actually a nice story.

I still don’t quite understand the fascination with the “real footage” for a motion picture. Surely when we head into the cinema to watch something on the big screen we want it to look pretty much perfect? Well I do anyway. I thought it should have just been made as a normal film, this is why I think I’ll stick with Twister when it comes to this type of film.

After the massive build up with the trailer as well you cannot help but feel a little bit cheated in the end. Well that was how I felt when watching this film. It could have been something so much more. I didn’t realise from the trailer it was going to be “footage” not sure what the fascination with that type of big screen film is in all honesty.

How did you find the storm?

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