V for Vendetta (2005) Review

In a future Britain a terrorist known as V takes matters into his own hands to overthrow the government and get revenge on the people who tortured him.


This was the second time I attempted to watch this film, the first time I just did not find myself getting into it. If only I had kept watching for a little bit longer, as I found out when I watched it last night that it is an amazing film. You just have to make sure you stick with it, as it is quite difficult to watch at times. But it is totally worth it, it raises some very good points.

Linking in with Guy Fawkes and his plot to blow up the houses of parliament and very much the revenge of it all. It has some fantastic scenes and you really cannot help but stare at the screen whenever V is on. Hugo Weaving really was a perfect choice to voice V, what an engaging voice he has. The mask kinda makes you smile as well, even if most of his acts are totally sinister.

Evey ends up being abducted by V and some very strange incidents then occur, especially when she eventually manages to flee away from him. Her hair is cut off and she is tortured daily to give up information about V. Obviously she doesn’t really know anything about him anyway so cannot save herself with information. It takes a very interesting twist and which I didn’t see coming at all.

John Hurt is Adam Sutler and in charge of the government for most of the film we see him shouting on a screen. I did find it slightly amusing that he was in that role, it’s like coming full circle and he has become Big Brother from 1984 after he was on the other end of the torture and government. Hopefully the filmmakers done this on purpose and had Hurt in mind for the role all along as I thought it was a nice little bonus really.

The scenes around London are very good and you cannot help but love the uses of the Underground which has been closed for years and then the ending with Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Very impressive special effects with the music, explosions and then fireworks.

I am very pleased that I gave this film another chance as it really is something special, it has some incredible performances in it and will make you wonder what would actually happen in Britain if the government was overthrown and a war broke out. I do believe the war in the US was put to blame for it spreading to the UK in the storyline.

I really enjoyed Natalie Portman’s performance in the film as well, thought she was very believable and you could easily relate to her. Another very different character and how brilliant that she was very keen to shave all her hair off for the role as well. It has made me like her even more as an actress, she really does push herself to the limits and this performance is no different. I thought her British accent was pretty impressive as well.

So make sure you give this film a proper go, I almost missed out after not really feeling it the first time. If you feel that way too, keep watching it really does get so much better. An added bonus of a small role from Stephen Fry as well! Remember remember the 5th of November …

11 thoughts on “V for Vendetta (2005) Review

  1. Really glad you have this a second go. I loved it as well and I thought Portman deserved some sort of recognition for her performance, particularly in her torture scenes.


  2. I also enjoyed this film immensely. I actually find the Matrix-y action scenes to be the less entertaining parts of the film compared to the concepts and ideas explored. The Valerie scenes during Evey’s torture are especially resonant to me.


    • Totally! I wasn’t sure if I found that slightly strange at the end, but felt it coming. Kind of reminded me of Phantom of the Opera with the whole mask hidden face thing. I actually found myself watching this film again a couple of nights ago!


  3. […] V for Vendetta was a film that I massively struggled with over the years trying to watch on a few occasions. But once I had the breakthrough and really got into it I was totally blown away by it. Isn’t it a little bit scary to think about it at the moment though with everything that is happening in the UK after the referendum. […]


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