Lucy (2014) Review

Lucy gets caught up in some business deal she has no idea about, being set up by her new boyfriend Richard. She is then set to do a job … Which doesn’t really work out to the plan of her captors.

Now this film will most probably be the strangest you have seen this year, so be prepared for many twists and turns throughout. It is rather odd at times with some of the scenes, but I guess trying to be different and make things stand out?

So Lucy ends up involved in a drug smuggling ring. With a new drug they are trying to get on the market and a very interesting way to transport it. Along with three other men they are all sent to different locations and threatened not to tell anyone about the drugs and they will be met at the airport. But something happens to Lucy in this time, she cannot cope with the men who have her and a few kicks to the stomach (yes that’s where the drugs are) goes terribly wrong when the bag splits and the drug is free to roam her whole body.

After this happens Lucy quickly realises that the drug is unlocking parts of her brain she had never used before. This makes her pretty much unstoppable. As this is all going on the scene keeps flashing to Professor Norman who is talking about the brain and asked what would happen if someone reaches 100%. Obviously he does not know the answer to that, but he will find out.

I am not a big fan of Scarlett Johansson and this film hasn’t helped to change my mind about her at all, although she probably is the best actress around at the moment to play a character who know long can show any emotion. Let’s face it she does that in every film anyway! Anything with Morgan Freeman and a lot of dialogue will keep you engaged though, seriously that voice!

I like the concept behind the film about thinking about using only 15% of your brain normally and exploring what would be possible if you could access more. We have seen a few different films which look into this type of thing, but this one takes a few very odd turns. Just when I was starting to think that I quite liked it, it took a very bizarre turn which left me just totally confused. Black stuff. That’s all I’m saying, don’t want to spoil the film. But at that moment it all just turned very strange!

Time is mentioned quite a lot as well throughout the film and that will make you think about how you use the time in your everyday life and what you will then do to make sure you you use it in the best way possible. The film isn’t groundbreaking in any sense really, but I did like the car scene of driving through Paris. You will find yourself laughing at times as well due to feeling uncomfortable with a few of the scenes.

This is one of those films which I cannot really decide if I liked it or not. I will leave you with that I liked parts of it and the concept, but as a whole not so much.

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