Good Will Hunting (1997) Review

Will Hunting is a young man who works as a janitor at Harvard and has a rather shaky life, another thing about him he is a mathematical genius …

Based in Boston and Will pretty much goofs around with his friends and works in construction as well as the janitor role. The reason he is then brought to the attention of Professor Gerard Lambeau as he sees Will changing some of the problems on a board and works out he is the one who solved the difficult problem he left for a class. But in tracking down Will this takes him to court after an assault charge, and this sees Gerard pay bail for Will and supervise him. Another condition is that Will must see a psychologist.

Will who is in denial about his past and childhood does not want to see a psychologist. This then leads to Gerard struggling to find anyone who will actually work with him. Until he gets in touch with old friend Sean Maguire, the two certainly have a past but Sean really is interested in Will and that is an incredible relationship.

Throughout the film we slowly find out more about the characters and really take to them. We end up caring a lot about Will and his relationship with Sean which you are never really sure which way it is going to go, they both wind each other up the wrong way at times. But in a lot of ways they really do help each other out loads in the end. The advice Sean gives Will really starts to strike a chord with him and he takes it on board when deciding what to do with his life.

One of the main things we get from this film (or I get) is that the relationships we have in our lives are the most important thing to think about. If you don’t have good relationships and friends around you then it really isn’t going to matter what your job or career is, as that is not enough in life. Especially when you think of the interviews Will is put on in the film and he really just does not want to do it, that’s why the ending is so good. Showing that he really did take on what Sean was saying to him and leaving it as you can decide what happened next.

The film has some fantastic lines and performances, Robin Williams certainly did deserve his Oscar win for an actor in a supporting role. Matt Damon is fantastic and this is still my favourite performances of his, he just gives so much and it works so well. The chemistry between Damon and Williams really does make the whole film flow and work so well.

If you have not yet seen this film, I really could not recommend it enough. It has such a nice message and will take you through so many different emotions. Probably my favourite Robin Williams performance as well!

14 thoughts on “Good Will Hunting (1997) Review

  1. Your line, “If you don’t have good relationships and friends around you then it really isn’t going to matter what your job or career is, as that is not enough in life” – I couldn’t agree more, and I think it is a huge lesson I got out of watching this movie.


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