Before Midnight (2013) Review

We catch back up with Jesse and Celine nine years later. They are currently in Greece with their twin daughters and is being together the paradise they imagined?

So this the third instalment in the series and it really does take us on a whirlwind journey. Seeing how everything has been for Jesse and Celine over the past nine years. Since we left them in Paris, our questions were answered on what happened next. What did happen next? Well they pretty much stayed together since then and live in Paris with the twins and we see them in Greece after Jesse has dropped his son off at the airport.

This really starts the film off on an emotional roller coaster as Jesse is struggling with his son leaving and this creates an interesting car conversation between the couple. Celine takes offence that he is blaming her for no longer having his son around all of the time. We slowly find out Jesse’s marriage did not end well at all and this is something we learn more about throughout the course of the film.

Out of the three films this is certainly the most difficult to watch and at times it strikes hard and really hurts. Can this couple we have grown to love and want to be together really push each other away and hurt each other so much with words? It becomes very real in this one and something you will again be able to relate with.

It shows that nothing will be perfect all of the time and once you find that person you want to be with it isn’t always going to be just happy times. You are going to argue and fight, disagree and totally irritate one another. But it also shows that you can then try to overcome these things, the film ends in the perfect way and once again you aren’t sure what is going to happen next.

It’s the level of conversation which is incredible in this film, the things they talk about are everyday problems, but at times is this part of the downfall? Maybe they manage to annoy each other a lot with things they are saying. So do we get a message from this one that talking does not always solve problems it can also create more problems? I guess in some ways that is very true.

You can understand why they have a massive falling out and anyone would react in the same way to Jesse as Celine did when she walks out of the room. For the first time he comes across as insensitive and this is quite a shock when watching. It broke my heart in a different way to the first two films, you want to see them living happily ever after and the hard-hitting reality really does hurt to watch. You know that this is what your life will become no matter how much you love your partner.

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