Rock of Ages (UK Tour) Review

Rock of Ages is the 80s jukebox musical which is also absolutely hilarious from start to finish. With so many classic rock songs packed into the show it really is a fantastic experience. You will be stamping your foot, nodding your head and eventually getting up to dance and jump about.

The whole musical is very tongue in cheek as well, with Lonny narrating and commenting on the typical cliches involved in musicals and what exactly the show is supposed to have in it. This does made it even more amusing as you just know exactly how everything is going to pan out. The songs really are brilliant in the way they fit into the story. Some of the best songs from rock music.

For last nights show Stephen Rolley took on the role of Stacee Jaxx in place of Ben Richards. I am not entirely sure why as only found out when we got to see Stacee Jaxx for the first time. Rolley was fantastic as Stacee and really owned the stage when he was on it, stealing the scenes. His version of Wanted Dead or Alive was just brilliant. As a massive Bon Jovi fan this is the song that really needs to be nailed on in the show and it sure was.

Obviously we need a love story or possible love story and we get that in Drew and Sherrie. Which doesn’t go to plan at all when Sherrie thinks that Drew really meant it when he said they were friends, the old just friends thing. But that’s not right at all, Sherrie doesn’t really think twice about going with Stacee Jaxx and that really ends the “friendship” with Drew. It does create for some great possible songs and moments after all that though. I was pleasantly surprised with Noel Sullivan and thought he was brilliant as Drew, he really knows how to rock and his performances were fantastic. He looks like he is having a lot of fun on the stage and enjoys it all so much. Which makes it even better to watch, he really does just wanna rock!

I loved the way the first act ended with one of my all time favourite songs Whitesnake’s Here I Go Again, really brilliant way to take it to the interval. Then knowing that you have so much more to wait for in the second act.

The audience was on top form as well with the cheering and clapping throughout, I was sat in the front row and noticed a lot of head bobbing and foot tapping throughout the show. I was one of those as well, you just cannot help it with the selection of songs which are used. I haven’t even touched on any of the hilarious moments yet either. The most hilarious performance has to come from Cameron Sharp as Franz with his “German” accent and over the top acting. Just brilliant and topped off with an incredible performance of hit me with your best shot which will really have you cheering and wanting to sing along.

The fun continues for the entire show and you won’t want it to end. But we all work out which song is being saved until the end, ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ and that’s it everyone is up to sing and dance along. That song really does help sum up the entire show and everyone can take note from it. You never stop believing, it really is the perfect song to end it all with.

Performances from the cast were really top draw and I thought Imogen Brooke had an amazing voice, even if she was one of the smaller roles who didn’t have as many songs. I will be looking out to see what she does after the Rock of Ages Tour finishes as I really was impressed with her vocals. I really could not recommend this highly enough. Rock is probably my favourite genre of music so this makes the musical even more perfect for myself.

If you feel like you are ready to rock check out the Rock of Ages UK website for the rest of this incredible sexy musical!


One thought on “Rock of Ages (UK Tour) Review

  1. […] August only had one show after a very busy July, mainly because we don’t seem to get as many shows during the summer months. But the fact it was Rock of Ages at the Sunderland Empire made up for it. I love Rock music it is probably my favourite genre, which may sound a little strange when I absolutely love musical theatre. So a combination of rock music as a stage show, I was always going to enjoy it. I liked the film but the stage show is so much better. You can read the full review here. […]


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