Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Review

Marvel adds another piece to its universe when we see what is out in space with American and outlaw Peter Quill and how he manages to get himself involved in a huge battle over a mysterious orb.

The film starts with Peter on Earth as a small boy and how the day his mother died changed everything as he ran out of the hospital to be abducted by a strange alien space craft. This obviously changed everything as he then grew up in space, we find out little bits about this throughout the film. It is about how they all come together to become the guardians of the galaxy and how they are all pretty much loners before that.

We all pretty much know what we are going to get from Marvel now, good action sequences, story with a heart and some funny moments. They make something that is so far from reality feel real, if that makes sense? Like the characters are really brought to life in such a unique way that it feels like it could be real. The Marvel universe really is an incredible place and this brings about dimension to it all.

Quill had some baggage from his past and he also has an old Walkman with a cassette tape in with classic songs, which take over scenes at times and this again is hilarious, but also quite heart warming at the same time. Because that is what his mother made him, some of the songs really do look brilliant with what is going on around them all. Bringing in dance and references to Kevin Bacon and Footloose also were brilliant little details with the life he left behind on earth.


Rocket really does steal scenes at times, but it’s a talking racoon who loves to fire guns? How is that not going steal the scenes? Each of the characters are from different places which creates some tension with the races. Drax really hates and wants to kill Gamora most of the time and it really does take a lot for him to understand everything going on.

Ronan is the main bad guy in this story, although a few more have the potential to become bad guys in future films. But he really does want all of the power, and this is brilliant to watch. He wants that stone and wants to rule space pretty much. He is a good evil bad guy, up there with Loki I would say. Maybe not even screen time, but the fight scenes are very impressive.

One thing I thought was disappointing was the lack of screen time for Benicio Del Toro as The Collector, that has been built up a lot since he was after the credits after one of the other films. He looked so cool, was very creepy but hardly in it! I hope others are disappointed with this as well, but it looks as though we still have plenty to come from him in the Marvel world? Let’s hope so.

Now the build up surrounding this film has been huge, with everything good being said about the film and how amazing it is. Because of this I found myself a little disappointed overall. Don’t get me wrong I throughly enjoyed it from start to finish but because of the press and hype around it I did feel a little let down as thought it was going to have more. I can’t really explain what I expected from the film but seeing 5 stars from pretty much everywhere. Although now I have caught up and seen it I can read others reviews!

It has certainly extended the Marvel plans for the future, will we see everything linking together? Let’s hope so as it really is going to become epic.



10 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) Review

  1. I gave Guardians three out of four stars. I really enjoyed it, thought it was a great, fun new addition to the Marvel canon. But I can understand not being blown away by it. I think the humor and soundtrack were its highest points!


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