The Purge (2013) Review

Ten years in the future America is a changed place where crime rates are at an all time low, all because one night a year The Purge takes place when you can do any crime you want, even murder and get away with it. From 7pm until 7am will you take part?

I really do think the idea and storyline of this film is an incredible idea. Only one night a year for violence and you can get away with anything you want. No emergency services to help you. Unfortunately the great idea doesn’t follow through into a great film, it has too many problems for it to have done that. A few twists and turns along the way, but nothing that you don’t actually expect to happen.

The story focuses on a family who are getting ready to stay in the house on purge night with the security system James’ work puts in place. Everything appears to be going well, but we all know that is not going to be the case or we wouldn’t have a film to watch. Zoey’s boyfriend has snuck into the house and he is going to stop at nothing for them to be together. As well as the very creepy son Charlie to really put everyone’s lives at risk when he lets a man into the house.

It does take some working out to who will survive the night and who will not, that’s something that adds to the film. But for a horror it wasn’t really that scary. Maybe a couple of parts make you jump, but I think it could have had you more on edge for longer periods of time. It helps show that people can become very sadistic and if the world where only 12 hours each year you can get away with anything it highlights that grudges and hatred can be built up and acted upon.

Everything does start out rather creepy and certain characters will stick in your mind and you wonder what they will then do when faced with choices and the battle of survival. What could be worse than becoming prisoner and at risk of death in your own home? But this tests everyone and what limits they will go to until the sirens go off at 7am.

That’s something else we are never really sure how much time has passed and how much longer the purge is going on for, but I think that adds to it all. But in the end the film falls short, with a fantastic idea which doesn’t quite take off. It does make you think about what you would do in that situation and creates talking points with whoever you watch the film with.

I would probably just stay in the house, better safe than sorry? Although depending what people have done to you in the past would it be tempting to get revenge? What would you do in the purge?

12 thoughts on “The Purge (2013) Review

  1. Great review, and I agree with everything you’ve said. I love the idea behind the Purge but it could be done so much better. Me and my brother are going to see the sequel soon just because we saw the first together, and we’re hoping it might be a little better. We’re not holding our breath however!
    – Allie


  2. The Purge is a film I’d like to see remade using the same premise but with an entirely different director, producer and writer. I do like the actor Frank Grillo who’s the lead in The Purge 2. I don’t know if that’s enough to get me to the cinema to watch, but I will catch up with it at some point.


    • Yeah I think it could be made so differently. I am heading to see the 2nd one tomorrow night, so quickly caught up with the first one last night.

      Possibly going to be a few more in the series as well?


  3. Good review Caz. It has an interesting premise, but it doesn’t seem to do much with it. Except just be a standard, gory R-rated horror movie we’ve seen many times before.


  4. I never saw The Purge, but I definitely wondered about it. It does have an interesting concept for sure, but I’m not sure if I could stomach the movie or not. If there were an actual purge, I would probably hide away at my house and pray I haven’t made any enemies. Nice review!


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