Boyhood (2014) Review

The life of a young man named Mason which was based over 12 years, taking a look into his childhood and finishes when he is 18 years old and starting college.

This film is groundbreaking it took them over 12 years to make it, the same cast used for each stage of the film. So Mason is played by the same actor throughout the whole thing. Nothing like this has ever been done before, such an incredible piece of filmmaking. To have even come up with this idea must have sounded totally crazy but to then follow it up and each year film another little part of the film. Richard Linklater really has done something very special with this film and you have to think that is an a very earlier runner for next years Oscars!

We get to see Mason grow up on the screen and the different things which happen in his life and how he deals with everything life throws at him. In this coming of age drama. He must firstly content with fighting with his sister Samantha and dealing with his divorced parents. Then the choices his mother makes in men does not bode well for the children.

Mason is 6 years old when we first meet him and see how fascinated he is by the world and watching everything that is going on around him. It does not take long to get the big move to Houston, which is the first big change in Mason’s life. This also means being reunited with their father, which sees a lot of fun in different ways being put back into his life.

I loved that the film was mainly in Houston as I have now been there three times as have close family friends who live there. Brilliant seeing places you have been on the big screen, especially the Astros for the baseball game! They move a little bit around in Texas as well over the years. I loved how the film didn’t put in a year later, or anything like that you could just notice that they had gotten a little older. It didn’t take huge jumps and was very gradual which really added the experience of the film.

It felt wrong to be watching some of the scenes with how private they come across in a family’s life, if you think that sounds a little bit crazy you will understand when you watch this film. It really did feel like a hidden camera for some of the scenes and you were invading the family’s privacy. I won’t spoil the key events or things which happen as don’t want to spoil it.

The film has key events from the different years as well which makes you think back to that time, I have to mention the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince book launch. Totally one of my favourite scenes as just captured the excitement the books brought (and still bring) to children. It’s little things like that which really make this film so much more personal and well thought out.

To film something for over 12 years is a truly remarkable fate and this in return makes the film truly remarkable. It will leave your head spinning to what you have just witnessed over the past 2 hours and 46 minutes. It makes you think what snippets of your childhood and teenage years would look like put together in a feature film. Amazing.

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