Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) Review

Quite a few years have passed since we last saw Caesar and the rest of the apes, the human race has almost been wiped out by a virus and not many of them remain. With the apes still growing in power, it wasn’t going to be long before both species collided.

This film turned out to the be Cineworld Secret Screening last night, but that is all I am going to mention about that in this review (I promise). The film starts off at a pretty slow pace, but does quicken up the tempo about half way through and lasts all the way until the end. The first parts of the film show what Caesar and the apes have created out in the trees, the community they have. The differences between the apes are very clear and impressive.

Caesar has his own battle with his son who does not understand why his father actually cares and shows remorse for humans, this is something which drives them apart at times. Right from the start we just know Koba is going to cause problems, that is one absolutely crazy ape! But does provide some hilarious scenes as well, until they turn totally sadistic. This helps show the differences even more.

When Malcolm crosses the line and gets a reaction from Caesar this is when everything is put on edge, it has the potential to all kick off and for a war to start. But this is something that you are never really sure about throughout the whole film. The humans need to get into the ape territory to get to the dam to be able to get power back as they only have enough fuel left for 2/3 weeks.

This is why everything is started, Malcolm is different to the other humans as well as he sees the apes doing things humans do as well. He gets that they aren’t actually much different at all, obviously that just sounds crazy to everyone else. Caesar is the same and it isn’t long before Koba’s hatred for humans sees actions put in place.

The film is very impressive the apes look incredible and the sign language mixed with a few words is very powerful in showing how they are evolving as time goes on. In which other film would you get apes riding horses and using machine guns? Yes those are some of the action scenes, which are pretty full on and crazy as it happens. But I mean that in a very good way, it is brilliant to watch.

I think you find yourself torn between both worlds as it is obvious that they aren’t that different to each other, both caring about family first and wanting to survive in a world that is very different since the virus outbreak. The film is left ready for another instalment but that is not a bad thing at all, it was a good ending which leaves you wanting even more!

18 thoughts on “Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (2014) Review

  1. Good review Caz. It’s nice to see a summer blockbuster pay just as much attention to its drama and heart, as it does to its action and excitement.


  2. I was disappointed that this was the secret screening. just two days before release and leaving me nothing to go and see this weekend. But did enjoy the film. Sounds like you did too, great review as always.

    All the praise is going to the effects, the apes do look amazing, but it is also a really well constructed film with a more coherent plot than Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Placing a hero and a villain on each side makes a really interesting story. unlike most people I talk to, I found the slow start more interesting than the big action ending.


    • Yeah I was so disappointed that it was the secret screening. Felt quite cheated with the 2 days before and that is had already been released in the US the previous week. I wanted something unique again, should just go back to the previews for me.

      I was lucky that Boyhood opened a week later at my cinema so got to see that this weekend.

      That is a great point about the effects, the actors playing the apes even though we can’t actually see them deserve a lot more credit as well. They put so much in but because of the CGI gets forgotten that actors have still took on those roles!


  3. Had to bookmark the reviews again. Only just saw the film.

    Great review. The film is an excellent visual and conceptual improvement of the first and that’s impressive in its own right. And Andy Serkis retains his Title as the master of motion capture.

    “Apes. Together. Strong.”


    • Oh your totally right about Andy Serkis, he deserves so much more recognition for this amazing roles in motion capture. He really does bring them to life in such an incredible way.

      Pleased you’ve caught up with this one 🙂


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