Blogathon: Women in Film – Hermione Granger

The Women in Film Blogathon is being hosted by John over at Hitchcock’s World and such a great idea to get you thinking about female characters in the world of film.

Here are the rules:

  1. The female character in question should have qualities that make her strong. That doesn’t necessarily mean better than the guys, just well-written; we’re trying to promote equality here, not reverse misogyny.
  2. Unlike my previous blogathon, I’m going to be a bit stricter here and say that each entry should only focus on one character. However, if you like you can write multiple entries examining different characters.
  3. If you can, do try to find less obvious choices. There are a few that I can expect are likely to get picked: Ellen Ripley, Sarah Connor, etc. If you decide to write about any the “obvious” choices, I encourage you to at least try and find something new to say about them.
  4. You are allowed to pick characters from any film from genre or time period you like.

I have decided that my choice would be Hermione Granger, might be slightly cheating the fact she appears in many films but I think you can see her develop from the know it all girl into a very strong and confident young woman by the end of the series. She stands up for herself and manages to keep Harry and Ron in check. She really does grow into an incredible character after coming across as rather annoying in the Philosophers Stone and she’s often at the bottom of the jokes. But don’t worry that wasn’t going to stop Hermione from becoming an incredible witch and woman as well. She has to be such a good role model for young girls to look at, in terms of studying hard and standing up for herself. But not being too forceful in that sense.

Everyone eventually notices that she is a girl when it came to the Goblet of Fire ball as well. That may sound a little bit harsh but she did come across as one of the boys for a while. Not that I’m saying that was a bad thing, that has to be something which added to her strength and helped her develop throughout the series. This is when it all really starts with Ron as well, he eventually catches up and notices her more and that is the start of something more than friendship for the pair.

She is an incredible friend, it couldn’t have been easy dealing with Harry when he has his difficult times and really standing by him. She even offers to go with him at the every end, that is not something she would have done earlier on so this is really showing how strong she became with all of the bad things happening around them and that she is not actually scared of anything. Her planning for everything is second to none and really does come up with the best ideas for survival.

She puts up a huge fight in the final two films and really shows that she is just as strong if not stronger than the men. She powers through everything and has different plans for different outcomes. Who wouldn’t want to be this very strong woman? But she doesn’t look like she could do all of this, which I think makes her even more loveable, Hermione isn’t that little girl in the end so things cannot change that. What a character! Emma Watson really puts in incredible performances and hence doing this blog post as part of the blogathon!

12 thoughts on “Blogathon: Women in Film – Hermione Granger

  1. Great choice! I thought about doing my choice on her but stuck between a few other characters. Hermione Granger was an encouraging presence on-screen. A lot of people gripe about Emma Watson’s beauty to play the role compared to the books, but I thought she and Granger were kick-ass, smart, bold, multi-layered. One of my favorites! 🙂


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