Cineworld Secret Screening 3 – Possible Films?

The day is almost here … The third Unlimited members secret screening from Cineworld. The first was a very early preview of Now You See Me and the second was very disappointing with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (as a preview was scheduled for the week after). So let’s hope that having one of these right before some big blockbusters are going to come out really pays off!

As you can see on the above screenshot with the information taken from Cineworld’s website. I am not convinced that the running time is spot on correct and it is more of a guide as pretty sure this happened in the past. The rating could also be wrong and a 15 down as a precaution? I have searched and nothing yet has a 15 rating put on it for sure, but I will get to the possible films I have narrowed it down too. As we definitely know that it’s 3D as if you don’t have a premium Unlimited card you had to pay the extra for that!

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Already released in the US and had very good reviews by the seems of it. It does however come out in the UK on Friday so it wouldn’t be a massive preview. But I am still putting it on the list as a possible film, as it is also in 3D!

Guardians of the Galaxy 

Now this was my first thought of which film it could be back when it was first announced with the date. The next piece of the Marvel Universe and it doesn’t have the big hitters of the other films, but I am still looking forward to seeing this one. I have to admit this is the film I am really hoping it is going to be.


The Rock is taking on the task of becoming Hercules, I do believe it will be the second film this year but this one seems to have had a big media drive in the past couple of weeks. It’s yet to have a rating which could be the reason for the 15 on the Cineworld website? But who knows, I wouldn’t be disappointed if this is the film which starts up tomorrow night.

The Expendables 3

Now this I came across the other day for release date which is August 14th, which would mean a good preview, it’s also in 3D and would probably be a 15 rating. While the first two films are a lot of fun, I think I will be slightly disappointed if this is the Secret Screening film!


So those are my guesses, as those are the next 3D films set for release in the UK. Didn’t go any further forward as didn’t think we would get that much of a preview. What film do you think it is going to be?


18 thoughts on “Cineworld Secret Screening 3 – Possible Films?

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  1. Judging by the clues Cineworld have posted on Twitter and the 15 rating – Hercules.
    Don’t set your expectations too high folks you’ll only be disappointed.


  2. I am gutted, I was supposed to be going to this but I got my dates mixed up and double booked myself. I too think it will be Guardians of the Galaxy, which I am desperate to see 😦 – Jenna


    1. I thought that initially but leaning towards Hercules now. It’s always exciting heading into the cinema when you don’t know what the film is going to be!


  3. Isn’t Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes the most likely candidate given there’s a general admission preview screening a couple of days later, like there was with Walter Mitty?


      1. More disappointing than Hercules? The only one I hope it isn’t is Guardians Of The Galaxy because I want to see that in IMAX and my local Cineworld just has normal screens.


        1. Just because of the release date, you want something really exclusive with this. I will love if it’s something that no-one has mentioned like!!


          1. When looking by release date got excited when I came across Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but then realised I was looking at US dates and not due out in the UK until October 😦


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