Blogathon: Against The Crowd

Just stumbled across this blogathon and it is a fantastic idea. With the title Against the Crowd it is pretty self-explanatory you get to pick two films which everyone seems to love and you hate, and then a film everyone seems to hate and you love. Hosted by Dell on Movies!

The Rules 

1. Pick one movie that “everyone” loves (the more iconic, the better). That movie must have a score of at least 80% on Tell us why you hate it.

2. Pick one movie that “everyone” hates (the more notorious, the better). That movie must have a score of less than 30% on Tell us why you love it.

3. Include the tomato meter scores of both movies.


Do you agree with my choices, or do you think I am totally mad?

Slumdog Millionaire – Everyone loves this and I absolutely hate it!

When a film has a lot of media hype and even marketed as the feel-good film of the decade (poster above to prove it was said) heading into the cinema to see this before the Oscar win might I add. I was filled with hope that it was going to be an incredibly feel good film, but I just did not get that at all. I found it depressing and truly awful to sit through, if I wasn’t in the cinema I would have turned it off. I started this blog just after the film, so unfortunately I never actually reviewed it, which is probably a good thing really as it wouldn’t have been a nice review at all. As you can see the tomatometer from the critics loved it with a massive 94% and the audiences being pretty close with 90% as well. There has to be others out there who share my hate for this film?

Rumor Has it – Everyone hates this and I love it

This has to be one of my guilty pleasures but what is not to like about this cast? It has a crazy story line based on The Graduate and that this is the true family that is all based on. It has funny moments, its heart warming but the critics certainly didn’t feel that way with an extremely awful tomatometer score of 20%. I honestly have no idea where my love for this actually started, the fact Kevin Costner is in it may have made me first watch it. But I have watched it many times now and honestly love it, with one of my favourite quotes in about having someone in your life. “I can live without you, I just don’t want to” – how can you not love that? I am sure some other people have to share a love for this film as well?

11 thoughts on “Blogathon: Against The Crowd

  1. Wow. That’s the first time I’ve heard anyone say Slumdog was depressing. I might have to watch it again. Easy for me, since I rather like the movie. If we’re being honest here, though, I don’t like it as much as I once did. Great post. Thanks for joining my little blogathon!


    • Thanks for coming up with a fantastic idea for a blogathon! Honestly I didn’t get what was happy about it, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it again I hated it that much – the exact example of why your idea is brilliant!


  2. This is a great blogathon idea! I can admit I’ve never seen Slumdog Millionaire because no matter what anyone says it can not be a better more then The Dark Knight. I would write my own blog but I rather never watch Pulp Fiction again in my life and every one absolutely hates Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen even though I consider it to be a fantastic movie! Great post.


    • Two great choices with those ones! It’s taken me a lot of viewings of Pulp Fiction to become a fan of it. Great choice though as everyone does seem to like it!


  3. I like the idea for this Blogathon (especially since our experiences of movies are pretty conditioned, I think, by how we hear others talk about those movies).

    One that I liked which didn’t do particularly well on Rotten Tomatoes was “A Burning Plain”; a little-known picture by a Mexican writer named Guillermo Arriaga. It has a 35 % TomatoMeter rating which, I suppose, is not very good.

    As for movies which everyone else liked – but I didn’t – I can’t really think of any. The first time I watched the movie “Drive”, the violence of the movie made people in the theatre very uncomfortable and I was thrown off by all the nervous laughter at these moments. The movie has a 93 % TomatoMeter rating but I left the theatre unimpressed with the movie because of the people around me. When I watched “Drive” a second time, I found it of a very good quality. That’s the closest I can think of of one which everyone else loved but I, at the time, did not.

    (BTW, I was quite enamoured with “Slumdog Millionaire” and then when I watched it a second time I couldn’t see what I had originally liked).


    • Thanks for your comments, your spot on about how we like different films for different reasons.

      Sometimes isn’t it nice to like a film that hasn’t had a lot of praise!

      That’s interesting about Slumdog I wonder if others feel that way about it too!


  4. I really didn’t like Slumdog Millionaire when it came out, either. I guess there was a kind of pseudo-indian fever that year, everyone HAD to love it. I can’t remember if I’ve seen Rumour Has It, but it sounds like the kind of movie I’d enjoy. 😀


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