Begin Again (2014) Review

A chance meeting between Dan a disgraced music business executive and Greta a young singer songwriter who is pretty new to Manhattan.

The film starts at a pretty high pace as we see the build up to the same moment a couple of times to see exactly who Dan and Greta got to that one moment which would actually change everything for both of them. They are both pretty much at the end of the line in terms of what to do next in their lives.

We find out that Dan had lost his job that day after being totally against a new idea at the record label he helped found and was a partner. He appears to have a drinking problem and does not seem to get on well with his daughter and estranged wife. It takes a while to find out what exactly happened, and I quite liked that its not what you are thinking from the start. A nice little twist which was unexpected and quite a change to what normally would have been the storyline. Then leading him to the bar and hearing Greta singing.

We then get Greta’s story and as you will expect her problems stem from a man, but not just any man her long-term boyfriend and writing partner Dave. He scored a record deal with a good label and that is why they had moved to New York, everything seemed to be going well until he strayed and wanted to pursue that relationship, yes we immediately dislike Dave. This then leads Greta to Steve’s place who is another University friend of the pair, he makes her go to the bar and pretty much forces her up onto the stage.

Dan could see arrangements with Greta’s songs and really believe that she will be a big success. His partner at the record label doesn’t exactly agree and wants a demo from them. But to take it to another level they decide to record a whole album in different places around Manhattan. This leads to some fantastic scenes in different places and really does look fantastic using many people who want to be involved in this crazy off the wall idea for recording an album. I don’t want to go into anymore detail or spoil any little twists and turns in the story as you will be pleasantly surprised that it does not follow all the clichés that it should!

One thing I particular loved about this film was the scene(s) with the double connector for two sets of head phones plugged into the iPhone and for them to share music and really getting to know each other through the music. I thought this was a lovely touched and really added something extra to the film. It is true that you can be judged by your playlists and music choice on an iPod and this is a nice modern touch, probably in line with the thought of a mixed tape. Aren’t we pleased that with technology now it is so much easier to put together a playlist rather than make a whole mixed tape!

The film flows very well and I must say the songs are very good (I will be looking into the soundtrack for this one). It keeps you engaged throughout and makes you feel good at times as well. Luckily it didn’t fall into the usual clichés you expect, as I expected a few things to happened and it kept me guessing. It’s good when films are a little different and give you something else. This is certainly one of those very films, which seem to be very rare now. I would honestly recommend this film (and I am not a fan of Keira Knightley at all) so even if you’re not either, give this a chance and you will not be disappointed. This is a real gem of a film and you will be crazy to miss out on it!

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