London Film Museum – Bond in Motion

On the trip to London over the weekend we decided to head across to the London Film Museum in Convent Garden to have a look at the Bond in Motion exhibition they have on at the moment (and for the rest of this year). It features many of the different cars, planes and other gadgets that are seen in all of the different Bond films. To see so many incredible cars in one place really is a brilliant experience, especially those smashed up Aston Martins!

Accompanied by many video clips showing different scenes which  you will see the different things appearing in the film. Just as a little reminder for each item that you can get extremely close to. Obviously you’re not allowed to sit in anything or touch any of them, but to be that close and see how huge some of the cars are is fantastic.

A View to Kill
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
Casino Royale

It really is brilliant to be able to wander around looking at everything in the exhibition, I would recommend going up stairs first as we found it a little disappointing after looking at everything downstairs first! Just a little bit of advice, a nice gift shop at the end with some exclusive memorabilia and not forgetting you can have your photo taken in a tux and bow tie!

So if your from London or just happen to be visiting why not take a look around for yourself? More information here on the website! You’ll also hear a few of the themes as your walking around, getting well and truly into the James Bond spirit!

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