Maleficent (2014) Review

We follow the story of Maleficent from a childhood to the cold-hearted woman she became. But everything isn’t as it may first seem, you have to forget what you think you already know about Princess Aurora.

The story starts with a young fairy Maleficent enjoying her life in the moors with other fairies and mystical creatures. Everything changes in her world when one day she meets someone from the other “world” but finds he is not yet a man but a boy, Stefan. This is the beginning of a lovely friendship and grows into something more as they get older. True love’s kiss is mentioned as well … But Stefan has ambitions to do well in the world of men and live in the castle.

Maleficent is totally in love with Stefan and I think you can guess what it going to happen, well maybe not all of the details which I am obviously not going to spoil. But a broken heart and a woman left scorn really does not bode well for Stefan. Especially when his deceit towards Maleficent is done in order for him to become King. He thinks he has gotten away with it until Aurora is born, and the very trusty crow Diaval is spying for Maleficent.

At the christening is when it all takes hold and the curse is placed upon the baby, the pain from Maleficent is understood and she focuses this on making Stefan suffer in one of the worst ways possible. Everything doesn’t necessarily go to plan when she finds herself watching over Aurora as she grows up and finds herself becoming very attached.

The fairies you will remember from the animated film will provide some very familiar faces and these do look rather amusing in small flying form. But they do add some comedy and light-hearted nature to it all. In very slapstick ways as well, nothing wrong with that at all as the film does get very dark at times. Visually the film really is very impressive, especially in the moors with all of the fairies and sparkling world that has been created.

Angelina Jolie is absolutely incredible as Maleficent manages to capture all of the emotion for the different scenes and you really cannot help but side with her and feel sorry for her as well. The way she laughs and that smile with the extra high cheekbones really is memorable. An amazing performance from start to finish and it had to be to really carry a film like this one. When everyone already has a background of the story, so I was left very impressed with it all as a whole.

Although it only carries a PG rating (in the UK) it is pretty dark at times and very young children may find it a little scary. Just have to mention that as she does go rather evil at times. I guess this just shows what exactly can happen when a woman has her heartbroken by the man she is totally in love with. Get yourself to the cinema and see this in all its glory. Jolie does not disappoint at all.

7 thoughts on “Maleficent (2014) Review

  1. Good review Caz. It’s definitely a very pretty movie, however, that only goes on for so long until it becomes quite clear that there’s barely a story to be found here.


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