Edge of Tomorrow (2014) Review

A solider who finds himself put into combat in the fight against aliens gets caught in a time loop and lives his last day in the battle over and over again. Each time he dies everything resets to the previous day.

Not many actors would be able to pull off this type of film, but Tom Cruise really does work it very well. I have to admit at the start of the film I thought this is going to get old fast as we kept seeing the same thing, but it quickly cut out the start bit and flashed through it to get to another attempt of getting past a different part of the day. It was quite like a video game and how he was going to destroy the enemy. He was practicing more and became stronger each time.

When Cage met Rita everything would change as she understands him and what he is going through as the same thing happened to her in a previous battle. She was able to reset time and helps him in what he must do to help everyone survive and end the war. This then causes Cage to realise that he must keep her alive, especially as it becomes clear how much he likes her. She cannot remember him each time he has to reset, so things sometimes take longer to explain.

It does make your head hurt a little bit at times as you are thinking about what is happening, but it does manage to move at a good pace and keeps you engaged wondering how it is all going end. Plenty of action and fight scenes with the very strange-looking aliens. Everything builds up for Cage who eventually manages to get things right when he wants something, but even watching we have no idea how many times he has done that part of the day.

I think it is a good story behind it all and having the power to reset the day by dying and very interesting to think of what you could do in the same situation as Cage. Everything depends on him being able to figure out how to defeat the aliens and win the battle for mankind.

Cruise cannot be faulted for this type of film and really nails everything about it. Blunt is her usual type of character but with a very kick ass nature in this film and they bounce of each other very well. Not a massive romance going on in the film, but you can sense that’s what it is becoming, obviously more from his side because of how many different conversations they have had.

I would recommend heading to the cinema to see this one, as the action summer blockbusters are really coming at us week by week now. I did not see the 3D version, just the regular 2D version. I can imagine a lot of things jumping out of the screen at you in 3D so I would much rather have the 2D screening anyway!

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