X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) Review

The world becomes a very different place with most of the mutants and humans destroyed after a fight of spices with very powerful man-made creations. So Wolverine must travel back in time to stop one key event which will help save the future.

After the successful X-Men: First Class this film has had a huge build up and really got everything behind it. Managing to come up with a storyline which unites the X-Men from the first films and the First Class was a very good idea to really bring it all together and make it possible to continue the franchise with some back story involved as well.

Wolverine travels to the past 1973 to convince Charles and Eric to help stop Raven/Mystique who is on a bit of a rampage to stop any humans from harming mutants. It is her actions of killing one man who made the almost extinction in the future possible. Trying to convince her to change her mind is very difficult. Charles is in a strange place as well with the help of Hank he has been treating his spine to walk again but this is at the expensive of his powers.

So it is all up to Logan to convince the people he knows in the future to change the ways in their past in order to pretty much save the world. I know that probably sounds pretty complicated and hard to follow but it makes much more sense when your watching it all unfold. It has the humour factors in it as well which is an added bonus. A personal favourite was Charles remembering Logan from Fast Class and telling him the same thing they were told! Plenty more little hidden in jokes across the whole series which something geeks like myself will very much enjoy.

We get some new characters as well with some absolutely fantastic scenes. The film really is visually brilliant at times and will leave you wondering what is going to happen next. Michael Fassbender still manages to steal the show even though his screen time is not massive in this one, he certainly gets one of the best scenes as well. Which I won’t actually go into much detail as don’t want to spoil anything.Peter/Quicksilver was a very welcomed addition in his small role and the slow motion scene was rather impressive from start to finish. But will we be seeing more of him? I certainly hope so, as it was a very interesting character to add in.

Time travel is often a difficult topic to get right in films especially when the person time travelling tells the people he has came from the future, but because this is Hugh Jackman as Wolverine it certainly works well in the comedy side of these films, which helps take the edge off. Jennifer Lawrence continues to show why she is most wanted actress out there at the moment picking up where she left off from First Class. Surely Raven/Mystique needs to have her own film to help fill in the gaps? That sounds good to me anyway.

I love the direction Marvel are now heading the X-Men world and already cannot wait for the next instalment. It really has become a great franchise again, amazing to think it has been 14 years since the first X-Men film and Hugh Jackman actually looks in better shape now! How on earth does that work out, yes I have gone there but who does not love the Jackman?

I certainly wouldn’t want to miss seeing this unfold on the big screen! So get yourself to your local cinema now!

13 thoughts on “X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) Review

  1. Great movie, but actually that part where Xavier tells him to F off was one of my least favourite parts. By addressing the cameo, they sort of take the power away from the cameo itself.


    • Ah really you didn’t like that part? I understand why, it was kinda obvious what he was going to say but I still enjoy it.


  2. Good stuff Caz, this was a fantastic movie. I should have a review up sometime this weekend, come by and check it out if you have some time. 🙂


  3. Good review. I liked the film, I mean I have some problems from a total comic nerd point of view but yeah its good.

    The visuals and 70’s timeline worked really well and the acting was really good. Quicksilver steals the show.

    This wasnt greatness but Apocalypse might 😀


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