A.C.O.D. (2013) Review

Carter is still struggling with his parents divorce 15 years later after always being the middle man between his mother and father. Everything takes a turn for the worse when he finds out he was part of a study and his early life is in a book and the author would like him to be part of the A.C.O.D study . . . Adult Children of Divorce.

While searching on Netflix last night for something to watch, this film came up and reading what it was about with a decent cast I thought I would give it a watch. I found myself getting right into the story and could not help but feel sorry for Carter, the world really did seem to be totally against him all the time and his family really did make it so much worse for him.

It is all centered around Carter trying to get his parents to agree to being in the same room as one another for his younger brother Trey’s wedding day, as that is the main thing he wants for his mother and father to both be at the wedding. This causes Carter unneeded stress especially when his parents actually get back together?!?! Yes that’s right it really is very messed up for Carter and doesn’t really get any better for him. His relationship with his girlfriend of four years seems to be steady but it also appears that he is afraid of commitment and not really sure what to do next when it comes to that. She pushes him a little but it’s not until she actually finds out about his past that things work out better for him.

It has a well put together cast with some well-known names and they do work very well together, I think if this had bigger names then it would have had more coverage around it. As it did not make it to the cinemas in the UK. I am sure a lot of people could relate to this one as well with divorces being very common now. It may even help people in a way as well.

Add in Jane Lynch to give more comedy value as the pushy writer who Carter actually thought was a therapist, in her typecast role when it comes to comedy films. But I don’t mean that in a bad way she does it extremely well and will make you chuckle. I have seen Adam Scott in a few films now but he is usually the friend or secondary character so it was nice to see him take the lead in this one.

So overall I thought this was quite a surprise and possible hidden gem on Netflix when it comes to the unknown films. So why not give it a try . . . You might just be pleasantly surprised like I was!

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