Bad Neighbours (2014) Review

Married couple Mac and Kelly have recently had a baby and live in a new house in a nice neighbourhood. Until a Fraternity moves in next door!

Teddy (Efron) is the president of the fraternity and starts out by realising he has to get Mac and Kelly onside if they are to keep out of trouble. But obviously we know that is not really going to happen as the couple really get sick of the noise very quickly.

I have to admit that I did not really fancy seeing this film as thought it would be the usual American comedy and usual pranks involving college kids and I was right thinking that. One big thing that really enjoyed me (other than Rose Byrne in general) was the amount of swearing that took place especially from Mac and Kelly, surely there was no need whatsoever for that, just trying to make them look cool or something? Well it certainly didn’t work.

I did laugh a couple of times but not as much as other people at the cinema when I went to see this one, I guess some of the humour was just lost on me. Something I seem to say quite a lot about comedies. Seth Rogan always seems to take on the same characters just in a slightly different setting so if you like him you will enjoy this film a lot.

It’s seeing a film like this which makes me pleased I did not go to University (College) in the USA as I just don’t get the point of the fraternity’s and why they do so many stupid things. So pleased to have been to University in the UK instead! These films don’t do frat’s any favours at all with people thinking what they are about, pretty much drinking and drugs?

So I wouldn’t go and see this one unless you like all of the actors in it and like silly slapstick comedy which is often overdone. I have been quite surprised to see that this film has been getting a lot of praise and good reviews!

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