Transcendence (2014) Review

Dr Will Caster saw the world as place where God could exist. Developing a computer system which could work in the same way as the human brain.

This is probably going to be one of the most difficult films (in recent times) to write a review on as the film is rather strange and in the end does not seem to actually have a massive point. I mean maybe I missed something as I was nodding off at the cinema watching this one, which happens never. But I guess I had a long day.

It’s strange though when Johnny Depp will pull in a lot of people for this one and he spends most of the film as a computer face and his voice over the top. Which is a bit of a shame as it has been quite a long time since he was on the big screen. So basically Will Caster mentions that the world could have a god and PIMM what he was working on was going in this direction.

I am afraid some of the detail in this review may seem a little bit vague but I did find the film way too clever for itself in the end. It was trying to do too much and I don’t think it actually understood itself in the end. Let alone the audience. It’s not like we haven’t really seen similar types of Sci-Fi films before we have seen similar concepts.

Personally Rebecca Hall being in the lead role didn’t help it either, I am not her biggest fan and this backs up even more why I don’t particularly like her. I don’t think she is a good enough actresses to keep an audience engaged in this type of film, so a very poor casting choice in that sense. Anything with Morgan Freeman in and does not have him on-screen very much has missed a trick, the same with Cillian Murphy who was not used very much either.

I guess it was trying to show what could happen to the world with technology and computers but in the end I didn’t really care what happened. A good film makes you want to know exactly what was going to happen and your guessing. How has everyone else found this one?

9 thoughts on “Transcendence (2014) Review

    • Yeah I wouldn’t recommend rushing to see it. I didn’t massively fancy it but thought I would give it a go to see what I made of it . . . and it turns out not much.


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