The Other Woman (2014) Review

Carly’s too good to be true boyfriend Mark, really is that way when she decides to surprise him one night at home only for his wife Kate to answer the door . . .

The plot gets a little deeper than that when they then find out Mark has a third woman on the go as well. They all then become friends and plot against him to bring him down for cheating on them all. I know what your thinking, that sounds extremely bad, and yes parts of the film are bad, like mainly the plot. I cannot imagine women teaming up together to get back at the man, they all fell for his charms in the first place so would probably believe him over anything else. But ignoring that, the film does manage to be laugh out loud funny.

It doesn’t really contain anything you have not seen before in this type of film, I am going to risk this comment and say isn’t Cameron Diaz pushing onto the too old for this type of role side? Just a thought as her face was looking a bit odd (mainly lips) in some of the scenes. I hope that makes sense if you have seen the film or when you get round to seeing it.

At times it did have that Bridesmaids feel to it with women together and having fun. So I think that’s why I actually quite liked the funny parts, got to love it when people fall over and into things. Which happens on several occasions in this film, very slapstick but it did make me laugh on a Sunday afternoon screening of the film. (Which was on the biggest screen and had a lot of people in!)

I you’re a Game of Thrones fan you will know that Mark is none other than Jamie Lannister and maybe so parts of his character are very similar to that. Must admit he is a very handsome man so a very good choice for the role. Must mention the incredible Aston Martin car Mark drives in the film it really does add to that playboy lifestyle.

Couldn’t help notice the Grey Goose vodka in a few scenes as well, product placement? Don’t notice this very often in films but maybe that’s because that vodka is pretty much in? I have also realised I am not totally talking about the film anymore, so I guess I don’t really have a massive amount to say about it. To sum it all up, you will get laughs throughout, but the plot and story is pretty thin.

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