Locke (2013) Review

This film is very unique, it a man Ivan Locke on a journey. A car journey for that matter taking place over an hour and a half. We are on this journey with him as his life unravels via phone calls.

Tom Hardy is the only actor that we actually get to see on-screen, this is a big responsibility to be able to keep the audience engaged and deliver a knock out performance. This is something Hardy manages to do, the emotions he shows as things really start to get tough are unreal. I thought he was a good actor before watching this film, but he is even better than that!

The phone calls he has to make are not pleasant at all in terms of how his life is dramatically going to change due to an event happening that night. Which is he is trying to do the right thing by it. But that will cost him his wife and job in the process. Also his two sons who just wanted to watch the football match with him that night.

You may wonder how a film can be this good from the seat of a car, but everyone will be able to relate to a longer journey in the car. A lot of people will do this alone especially if something major is happening. This shows just how emotional a car journey can be when you really need to get somewhere pretty quickly.

We learn that Ivan is very passionate about his job and it means a lot of him. So that makes it even worse to see that being taken away from him after one phone conversation. But he knew that would happen, but as he keeps telling us he is trying to do the right thing. Obviously his wife does not agree with that at all, but let’s face it she is hurt in the worst way possible as she had no idea it was coming at all.

We also get to see that he had issues with his father and he even talks to him whilst looking in the mirror. Something which gives it all even more edge, as we learn that he was not a good man. Ivan sounded like he worked his whole life not to become his father but part of that happened anyway. He really is battling with his demons on this car journey.

I don’t really want to give too much away, that’s why I haven’t actually mentioned why he is on the drive and what it is all about. You do find that out pretty early on though, I thought we would have to wait a little bit longer for that. I did find one of the conversations with one of his sons so upsetting as he was talking about the football and a goal which was scored. Simple things like that are what make up our lives.

I thought the film looked artistic with the shots of the motorway and different times from each mirror in the car as Locke’s emotions ran wild. It really is a fantastic journey. The ending might be bitter-sweet for some but it wasn’t quite how I thought it was going to be. So the best way to sum up this film is thought provoking. It will make you think about your life and how one night really can change everything forever.

7 thoughts on “Locke (2013) Review

  1. This isn’t showing near me yet but I can’t wait to see it, even more so after your review. Tom Hardy really does great work.


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