The Love Punch (2013) Review

Richard is only days away from retirement when his company is taken over and all of the money saved up in a pension is gone. He forms an alliance with his ex-wife Kate to get the money back.

This quest sees the pair head from London to Paris in order to get everything back. Not only for them but everyone who worked for Richard. It was all tied up together. Now your probably thinking that this does not sound like the greatest plot line and film in the world, which it is not. But it is extremely watchable and has its own charm. Very British and every now and again I do enjoy watching something more British. With Pierce Brosnan and Emma Thompson taking the lead roles it is a nice British affair indeed, they bounce off each other very well.

The plan to get the money back becomes somewhat of a heist but the comedy side will see you through. As the plan is obviously all off the wall but it manages to stay amusing throughout. Just when you think its all normal and working out well something else happens which throws it all over the place again. I do think parts of it have stayed very current. Using Skype to speak to the son who is away at University, I liked that side to it as just showing the current times of how things work.

I do wonder what divorced people will think of this one though and the thought of spending that much time with the person they used to be married too. Anyone out there who would like to comment on that side of it, please feel free. It would be nice to hear from that side of the fence. It does go for the big love story, the jokes knock it down to reality again something I liked about this film.

As far as romantic comedies go I think this would be the perfect one to take your mam to see! Because let’s face it the two leading actors are perfect for your mam, she will already love them both (I promise, or at least I know my mam does). It really does have a cute edge to this film and is very easy to watch. Was a perfect choice for a bank holiday Monday lunch time! (When myself and friends went to see it)

It’s always nice to see the older generation still being involved in films like this, because let’s face it we are all going to end up there!

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