Arbitrage (2012) Review

Robert Miller is a very successful business man, has a good family and a daughter who is ready to take over the business. But everything is thrown into turmoil when his life suddenly catches up with him. Fraud has been committed and then one night with his mistress and a car crash everything has the potential to fall apart . . .

This  is a film I have been meaning to catch up with for a while now, I am such a big fan of Richard Gere (yes I know most women are). This one pushes his acting to the limits and really shows how good an actor he is. It gets very emotional and a lot of Gere’s scenes are him alone, trying to come to terms with everything he has done.

Det. Michael Bryer will stop at nothing to prove that Miller is guilty of fleeing the scene of a crime and manslaughter for driving the car as well. Even if that means trying to then set him up. Everything Miller done that night was very careful to not leave any evidence at and around the scene. He does all of this because he thinks that he is protecting his family about the affair and does not want to hurt them. But a bigger reason is due to the big business deal which he is trying to push through.

The film makes us think about how far we would go to make sure we got everything that we wanted. That everything is in your hands and works around you. If you have a lot of money it also gives you power. While that might not actually be true, that is what is shown in this film. It will make you wonder what people with money could get away with.

It is quite a difficult film to write a review for as it does have a couple of twists and turns which I don’t want to spoil at all. While watching the film it is not clear to see which direction it is going to end up and how exactly it is going to end. That is exactly what you want from a thriller, keeping you on the edge of your seat and wondering what is going to happen next.

Richard Gere really does take on the role very well in a difficult type of film to carry. You must have the charisma to keep the audience engaged and that is something Gere does very very well.

2 thoughts on “Arbitrage (2012) Review

  1. Gere isn’t an actor I usually care for when he shows up, but he was okay here. Better than he usually is, if only because he’s playing an immoral dick. Good review Caz.


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