The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Review

We head back to New York City for the second instalment of The Amazing Spider-Man and catch up with Peter Parker and how he is struggling to keep his double life in balance.

The film opens giving us some more information on what happened to Peter’s parents all those years ago as we get to see their final moments. Everything links to  Oscorp and this sets the film up for what we might expect to happen. Peter eventually begins to delve deeper into what happened to his father and what his research was really all about. This takes some getting going though and we have a lot of focus on his relationship with Gwen. How he is trying to keep this on track as well as protecting the city.

Harry Osborn a childhood friend of Peter’s is back on the scene after his father’s death to take over the empire and indeed become the Green Goblin in the process of trying to find a cure to help him survive. Which he believes will be found with Spider-Man’s blood, this obviously begins to create a rift between the two friends and this is even more Harry finds out Peter is in fact Spider-Man.

Jamie Foxx is a worker at Oscorp, Max who one night is involved in an accident which leads to him becoming Electro. Involved in some fantastic fight scenes and in general with the electricity makes some incredible moments to watch. Fully blue and becomes very evil he only wanted people to notice him! That will make more sense when you have seen the film.

This again steps up the mark for how good superhero films are becoming and is a great watch giving us a little bit of everything throughout the film. I enjoyed the first one but this one was even better. Marvel really have set a high bar for themselves with the latest films that have come out in the superhero universe. Even though this one doesn’t fit in with the Avengers Universe it is creating an amazing series for itself. With the next two films already pencilled in with release dates taking us up to 2016, it looks as though big plans are ahead for Spider-Man.

It has that perfect mix of humour and action something that has gone really well for this type of film. This one also has an incredible emotional edge as well, which I won’t spoil but I am sure as your watching you will see it coming. I was in denial about it and hoping that it wasn’t actually true, anyone else feel that same way?

So another brilliant superhero film, it is a good time to be a total geek over this type of film as they keep getting better and better which is a good thing! Bring on the next one!!!

14 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) Review

  1. Glad you liked this one, I really loved it and as a fan of the character I gotta say it is the closest to the comics I have ever seen a film 😀

    When I am free of uni am reviewing this and your going in the best reviews section 😀


  2. I loved this movie! I’m a big fan of anything marvel. I think they’re written and directed brilliantly. And Yes, I was in denial about the emotional part too!


  3. While I am a Marvel fan, I must admit Spiderman was never my favorite creation of theirs on the big screen – but after your review, I might just have to chance it considering that Marvel has really done such a wonderful job with all of their other creations. Have a great weekend


    • I am the same never been a huge Spider-Man fan but this and the first of the reboot of the series really are good! I blame Tobey Maguire for me not liking the last series!


  4. Great review. I liked the first film more than all of Raimi’s films. It was much truer to the comics, the characters felt more faithful to the source material, and overall, Marc Webb just made a brilliant film. Had high hopes for the sequel and after reading your review, I can’t wait for it to release here in India.


    • I look forward to seeing what you think of the film when it reaches India. It really is a good follow on to the first in this series. I have seen people complaining about the green goblin but I like it’s gone a different way!


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