Divergent (2014) Review

The world is split into five factions which are based on virtues, at a certain age people must pick which faction they believe they fit into. This is often helped by the test taken the day before. Not that simple for Tris when she learns that she does not actually fit in and discovers she is a divergent. She must battle to survive as divergents are being found and killed off.

I did not know a whole lot about this film before heading in to see it but I don’t think that really mattered. It moves at a steady pace and allows you to understand the place the word is now with the five fractions. We are introduced to Tris from the start and it is clear that everything is not going to be easy for her, she was confused to begin with about where she belonged and the test did not help when it was inconclusive.

This may sound a little bit complicated but it is pretty straight forward when watching the film, the background is done in a very good way. As sometimes when films are based on books its hard to follow whats going on if you haven’t got that background knowledge. But that really does not matter for this one, it all makes sense and you quickly become part of the world.

It’s not long until a possible love story looks like it is going to develop for Tris and the very mysterious Four. They seem to be drawn to each other and this becomes more clear as the film goes to to why exactly. As this is all going on and we follow Tris as she tries to make it in Dauntless through the tough initiation programme. Something bigger is happening, the fractions are looking to over through the leaders of this world and who holds government. Lead by Jeanine played by Kate Winslet in a very unusual bad guy role and she was great in it! I think mainly because she is always the nice one and to see her take a bad turn is quite brilliant.

I really enjoyed entering this new version of the world, it really is always good to see the different ways people think the world could end up if another world war hit it! It always seems to be in new groups or fractions in this sense. It is a great start to another series and I couldn’t help but compare parts of it to the Hunger Games (had to mention that sorry!) but that closest I can think of to it.

I am now looking forward to the next two instalments which are scheduled to come out in 2015 and 2016, so a nice time in-between for this series. I just don’t have time to read the books to find out what is going to happen next. So I will gladly wait for the film. I would highly recommend this film! I don’t think I have said that for any 2014 films yet!

16 thoughts on “Divergent (2014) Review

  1. I watched this last night after having read all the books and for all the book lovers out there I found that it was a pretty good adaptation, especially compared to other book-to-film adaptations (City of Bones I am looking at you). It is also pretty easy to understand for all those who haven’t read the book, my boyfriend followed the film completely, and he even wanted to read the books at the end. The film had turned a 21 year old man into a newly converted Divergent lover, now that’s impressive! H xx



  2. I’m hopefully going to watch it next week and I haven’t read the books. I’ve started to notice a lot of films/tv shows/book series that seem to be following similar themes to the Hunger Games though. I guess the same thing happened when Twilight came out. I’m looking forward to seeing how they differ 🙂



  3. To me, it seems like these YA genre movies aren’t doing much different from the last. They have some interesting features in them, but overall, are pretty much the same story, told the same way, over and over again. Good review Caz.


  4. I highly suggest NOT reading the books, they are a waste of time while a couple hours in a theater are entertaining. There was no backstory to get so it was a pretty simple adaption. The story there is from the book is significantly changed but it was so light to begin with even rabid fans can’t tell the difference. Haha. They really adapted it because the actual plot would translate well to the screen. Cheers.


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