Top 10 – Best 2013 Films

This has taken much longer than normal to get my best films of 2013 list up on Let’s Go To The Movies. Have a look here to see the films I managed to see at the cinema in 2013, obviously this list is all my opinion and mainly features the films I enjoyed the most. I will try my best to explain why I have chosen each film! It turned out to be a bit trickier than I first expected and probably could have easily chosen a top 15 films list and still struggled on which to omit, but I was ruthless and have my top 10 best films of 2013.

I have written a little about each film and reasons why I have put them on this list.

I have also put a link to the full review which would have been done within days of first seeing the film!

2013 Worst Films

2013 Missed Films

2013 Caught Up With

10. August: Osage County (Review)

I feel that this film did not get enough credit it deserved, it is an emotional journey and really has a fantastic cast who all put in incredible performances. Very dialogue heavy with it being based on a play. I am a huge Julia Roberts fan and truly believe that this film is one of her best performances and really hoped she would have picked up the Oscar to really back that up. With Meryl Streep playing her mother, making sure you give this ago. It may even make you like your own family a little bit more.

9. Now You See Me (Review)

Now this film was a pretty early release and special because Cineworld done it as a secret screening so I got to see it earlier than the actual release date. Something that was not a bad thing at all, it really had a good story and background with plenty of little twists along the way. Probably a film that has been forgotten about for these best film lists. But it certainly deserves a spot in my opinion.

8. Philomena (Review)

The British film which made it into the Best Picture nominations at this years Oscars and another nomination for Dame Judi Dench. It really does have a heart of gold. The story behind the film is rather difficult, with the church and nuns being heavily involved and not put in a good light at all. The chemistry between Dench and Steve Coogan is well worth the watch. It will make you smile and cry, sometimes at the same time.

7. The Railway Man (Review)

Now I think this is one of the most underrated films of the year for me as I really haven’t seen many people talking about it. I thought Colin Firth was better than his Oscar-winning role for this one as well as the tormented war veteran who survived being tortured but still struggles with the memory. When he gets the chance for revenge on the man who caused him the pain will he actually want to take it? I really cannot recommend this one highly enough as I thought it was such an emotional journey.

6. Rush (Review)

I am not a big Formula One fan or really claim to know very much about it, this film made we wonder how close it was to the real events. For the most part it seems very close, and I thought this was a very enjoyable film from the start to the finish. The car scenes were brilliant as well, with full surround sound of the cinema, you can still hear the tyres stretching as the credits role.

5. Iron Man 3 (Review)

This probably fits into my guilty pleasures really as Iron Man really has become my second favourite superhero (Batman incase you’re wondering) and I think that is largely due to Robert Downey Jr he is just incredible as Tony Stark. This film we get to head on an emotional journey with Stark as he struggles to deal with what happened in New York (Avengers Assemble) so it was a nice link and continuation in the Marvel Universe. I love Iron Man! So much I saw this film twice at the cinema.

4. The Great Gatsby (Review)

What is not to love about Leonardo DiCaprio in this old story of Gatsby, the build up to eventually seeing him which seemed to take forever. But once we get that first glimpse we are all gone. The combination of the old clothes and time it was set with the modern music and dancing really does set it apart and giving you that something extra and different. One of the reasons I think I enjoyed it so much.

3. The Wolf of Wall Street (Review)

Yes another DiCaprio film on the list for 2013 and rightly deserved. This is probably one of the most crazy, messed up, yet fun films you will ever see. It is so off the wall at times you have to wonder how it was possible to get away with certain scenes and comments. It has a lot of swearing in it just a warning in case you cannot stand that type of thing, but honestly it is different to anything you have seen in this sense. Plus Scorsese directed it, I don’t think I need any more reasons after mentioning that!

2. Gravity (Review)

Now this is certainly a film which was best to see in 3D at the cinema, the sound and visuals are out of this world (yes I went for that pun). It isn’t on the scale of any space film you have seen before. This one really makes you feel like you were floating up there with Bullock and Clooney. The loud noise and then sudden silence at the beginning of the film will leave your ears ringing as you take the journey. It really is something else and I think it is a shame it did not win the Best Picture Oscar as it really was the best picture of the year. Your probably then wondering why I only have it as my number 2, but this is my personal best films of 2013.

1. Saving Mr Banks (Review)

I have had to put this as my number 1 films for 2013 as it really made me feel happy. It left me with a big smile on my face after also fighting back the tears. I know it seems to have a very mixed following but for me it really hit home and plenty of nerves. The let’s go fly a kite scene is probably one of my all time favourites, as it was just so unexpected. Hanks and Thompson give us brilliant performances as well and really work well bouncing off each other.


Do any of these films feature in your best films of 2013?

17 thoughts on “Top 10 – Best 2013 Films

  1. I loved “Now You See Me”, but it had too many plotholes to be on a Best Films list.

    “The Great Gatsby” was great!

    “Saving Mr. Banks” I haven’t seen yet, but I can just imagine that it’s gonna put a huge smile on my face 😀 !


  2. I really enjoyed Philomena. It was such a well written film, and Coogan and Dench perfectly balanced each other!

    Also, the “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” scene from Saving Mr. Banks was perfect.


  3. Interesting list! I like the way you have avoided the obvious. I have not seen Philomena, do I cannot comment on that. Rush was brilliant and it stands out because you do not have to be a f1 fan to enjoy it or know about the drivers. I live the Great Gatsby, the sets were amazing and I had to but the soundtrack with its mix of charlston and rnb. Saving mr bank was wonderful for going back to your childhood and finding out where Poppins came from 🙂 wolf of Wall Street was hilarious and fairly true to the book. I have written reviews on a few of these films myself. The only one I can disagree with is Gravity! I just hated it so much. It’s a great lust other than that and some great reviews 🙂


    • Thanks for your comments! Pleased that you enjoyed most of the same films as I did in 2013. I know I will probably change my mind about Gravity if I watch it again on a normal TV at home. I just thought it was an amazing cinema experience.


  4. A very interesting list. Great to see some love for Rush! That was in my #1 spot actually, that was simply fantastic. May have helped that I am a follower (somewhat) of that sport, but like you say it is not required to watch the film. I was actually pretty mixed on SMB, but that’s common I think that people were so-so on it. I really loved the performances but thought it was too manipulative. Still, it was a fun time.


    • That’s for your comments, glad Rush was getting a lot of love from you. I am big into sports but mainly football, my full time job is in that as well.


    • It seems to have very mixed opinions around that one. I’ve seen a few others include it in the best of the year list. Was just a bit different for me, think the secret screening helped.


  5. Very good selection. Personally, I would like to swap “The Great Gatsby” and “Iron Man 3” with “Dallas Buyers Club” and “Star Trek: Into Darkness”. Still, a fine selection indeed. Especially liked that you included “Now You See Me” – a small, surprising dynamite of a film that was somehow forgotten by the end of the year.


  6. […] I have had to change the rules a little bit to put together this post, when I started the blog I made the mistake of waiting until about March time to put out my best films of the year list. Due to UK release dates being a little later than the US. But I have decided to change it so going forward it will be what I have caught at the cinema that year (if that makes sense). So I will put a link to my 2013 list just to avoid any confusion of missed films from 2014’s list! – 2013 Best Films […]


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