Top 10 – 2013 Films Missed

While I manage to see a lot of films at the cinema over the course of a year, I cannot see everything. So I have now for the past few years put together a top 10 list of films I missed. So this list is made up of the films I missed during 2013!

Best Films

Worst Films 

Caught Up With

10. Grudge Match

9. Warm Bodies

8. Only God Forgives

7. The World’s End

6. Behind the Candelabra

5. Her

4. Mud

3. Blue Jasmine

2. All Is Lost

1.  Nebraska

Which ones should I catch up with and which should I avoid?

11 thoughts on “Top 10 – 2013 Films Missed

  1. I’ve missed most of these as well but Mikey has a point. Mud is pretty awesome. You should check it out 🙂 Its so good, I have a loss of words as to how to write the review..haha!
    The other one I watched on this list is Warm Bodies and its actually a pretty good movie. Its a smart take on the whole Romeo and Juliet story with zombies. I enjoyed that one also.


    • That makes me want to see Warm Bodies even more!

      I know what you mean when it’s difficult to write a review for a film! Mud must be very good then!


  2. oh, I want to see Mud and Nebraska very soon as well, but Warm Bodies was adorable – surprisingly so, and a funny take on the whole Zombie thing we are so used to. Great blog! Will be following you from now on!


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