Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) Review

Steve Rogers is struggling to come to terms with life in the modern world and must face up to things from the past as well as understanding that things aren’t like they used to be, when SHIELD comes under threat who can he really trust?

Another step into the Marvel world and a chance to get to know Steve Rogers aka Captain America a little bit better as well. His struggles in the modern world and how he cannot really understand why things aren’t straight forward anymore. We have a lot of Nick Fury and Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow in this one as well which I think is a bonus as both are fantastic characters.

Alexander Pierce takes on the mantle of bad guy in this one and it works really well with Robert Redford in this role (who has not aged well might I add). You cannot quite place what he is up to and which side he is on throughout, which makes it even better to watch really. I think this is something that should be mentioned about the Marvel universe, not only are we getting some fantastic characters who we are rooting for we are getting incredible films with brilliant stories.

The first Captain America film felt like it was rushed to be out in time for Avengers Assemble and while it was ok it seemed to be missing something. But with the added time and background for the characters this film really is brilliant to watch. We feel like we are very much part of the universe and after the brilliant Thor 2 last year this has certainly followed in that mould.

It starts off with a hijacking on a ship, has an incredible car chase and then even more action scenes which I will not spoil in this review. But bear in mind it just keeps getting bigger and better as it goes on. We get the emotional side from Rogers as well as he must also visit ghosts from the past and try to deal with that whilst trying to stop innocent people from dying. He must also work out who he can actually trust, with this we are introduced to a new character Sam Wilson aka Falcon who does get some fantastic scenes and will be in the Marvel universe in the future!

One of the best things about this film is that you can totally get lost in it while enjoying everything about it, you will be kept entertained throughout and you won’t want it to end. (Don’t forget to wait for the usual bonus after the credits). It is a brilliant next step towards the second outing for the avengers and will leave you wanting more, it certainly has left me wanting more!



7 thoughts on “Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) Review

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    1. It sure has taken everything in a new direction. Think it managed to be a bit more serious than Iron Man (I love those films though don’t get me wrong) but this was just different again.

      Let’s face it we all wish we lived in the Marvel Universe!


      1. Do you really want to live in the Marvel universe? Seems insanely dangerous. Everyone with a bad idea in their head nearly died in this film and quite a few people died in new york in Avengers.

        Now if I had powers then am in 😀


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