Remember Sunday (2013) Review

Molly meets Gus one day and all of her previous experiences with men seem to be in the past when she really likes him. The only problem is he had a brain aneurysm and has short-term memory loss.

I come across this film on Netflix over the weekend and thought it sounded easy to watch and might actually be quite nice and easy to watch. It was that and the characters were quite believable for that age and how they might act towards each other. The way Gus has to remind himself of what has happened in the previous days due to his short-term memory loss.

He uses a recorder to listen to his day and then uploads it as notes onto a computer so he can listen and read back over everything. From this after he meets Molly he keeps saying to remember her, so even with the memory loss he obviously feels something towards her even if he cannot then remember that the next day? Yes it does sound a little bit silly but it does not actually come across that way, it manages to be cute.

Alexis Bledel and Zachary Levi work very well together and the chemistry works out as well. It does have its moments this film and I watched it on Netflix not really knowing that was a made for TV movie, but couldn’t really imagine it hitting the cinema. If you want to watch something that is quite cute and not difficult to watch this is certainly that film. It isn’t really bad and does have a few nice messages.

Gus really does want to be able to remember Molly and his messages back to himself is what keeps him going. So he really does believe that he is in love with her when he listens to everything back and when he is with her feels alive. But we aren’t really given a massive amount of hope that it is all going to end well, but still a nice watch nonetheless.

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