The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) Review

To tell the story of Gustave H, this film has a double flashback in order to do this which sets it up to be a rather complicated and random film. Along with Gustave it is about Zero Moustafa, the lobby boy who becomes his most trusted friend. As we find out the story to how he came to own The Grand Budapest Hotel …

This was one of those films which I had no idea what it was about before heading in to see it. I think even if you knew what it was about that wouldn’t make a massive difference. The film is random, you are going to find that I use that word quite a lot in this review as I just think that sums up this film the best. It really jumps around and has some very strange scenes. I mean I get that it is obviously a throwback to old style films and that’s why some of it is a bit strange to watch now.

But anything with Ralph Fiennes in the driving seat will keep you engrossed throughout the film. He really is charming and can hold your attention, I have to mention the very over the top scenes in the mountains though . . . I really was wondering which turn the film was going to take after those scenes. I am not saying that I did not find some of the scenes amusing, as some one liners really were brilliant and the story of Gustave with the extremely old women will make you at least smile if not laugh out loud. Mainly because you cannot quite believe what you are hearing with it!

Willem Dafoe also needs to have a mention as he really is creepy, I was going to say in this film but he always has a creepy edge to him no matter what the film. But in a darker way in this one, watch out for the fingers! That will make more sense when you see the film, ended up funnier than it was probably intended.

The film boosts an incredible cast in the sense of pretty much cameos for some of the actors which keeps you thinking wow I did not know they were in this film. But it really does help the film at times when it gets a little bit boring to watch. I wouldn’t say that I liked the film as I said earlier it was just way too random for me and it that made it quite boring at times. It’s impossible to tell which twists and turns it is going to take. I guess a good thing I can say about it though is that it is very different!

15 thoughts on “The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) Review

  1. Good Review, Caz. Can’t say I completely agree with your view on the film, but you present your opinions on this film articulately, and that’s what matters. Really nice review.


      • I thought the film was good. Not great but good. I agree that it was vague and didn’t denote or show any signs of what was going to really transpire. But, I personally felt that that was the charm of the film. I guess it was Wes Anderson’s way of saying that this is how the complexities of life usually play out. Just a thought. 🙂


  2. Not his best, but definitely Anderson’s most ambitious and shows that he’s always down to have a great time with his ensemble, as well as his material. Good review Caz.


  3. Nice write up. This is my favourite film of the year so far – such a great blend of nostalgia and melancholy with sublime performances too. Very in-keeping with Wes Anderson’s style and themes, which I just love, but often divide audiences. Have you seen Moonrise Kingdom?


      • It was my favourite Anderson movie until Grand Budapest – it’s definitely worth seeing if you like his style. It’s filled with gorgeous shots, nostalgia and strange plot twists and follows two troubled youngsters as they runaway into the wilderness of a fictional island.


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