Need for Speed (2014) Review

Tobey Marshall is seems could have been a real contender as a race driver, but instead owns a car body workshop and races on the streets. He is set up one day by Dino Brewster which seems Tobey taking the wrap for his best friend dying in a crash.

After serving his time in prison for Pete’s death Tobey has one thing on his mind . . . Revenge. He must find that third car which was involved in the crash but some how Dino made disappear and managed to totally get away with the fact that he was the one who killed Pete. This leads to a cross-country race before the exclusive race, in that Ford Mustang Tobey and his team fixed up for Dino! Yes the plot does have a couple of levels, but don’t worry it’s not complicated to follow.

Not only do we see some good car scenes, we also have air assistant which changes between a small plane and helicopters. Which adds another edge to it all. The police chases are very good to watch. As we wonder if he will actually make it to the race in one piece. That is when it gets very serious in super car terms with the cars on show it really does step up to a new level.

I think as long as you go into this to enjoy the cars and races then you will enjoy it, I just saw it in 2D as really didn’t fancy it in 3D but you can clearly see certain things which were obviously made for the 3D scenes! I have to admit that I enjoyed this more than I first expected and as long as you don’t think it’s the next in the series for Fast and Furious then you will enjoy it.

Having been right into Breaking Bad at the moment I was therefore really looking forward to seeing Aaron Paul in the lead role in this film and it was good to see him as a different character and carry his own film. Something which I thought he done really well in this one. So give it ago because everyone loves a good car chase and you get plenty of that throughout this film!

5 thoughts on “Need for Speed (2014) Review

  1. It’s a perfect review for this kind of film. All one needs to do is just sit back and enjoy a fe good car chases and some cool action. No need to think too much about such kinds of films, as long as they succeed in entertaining you. Pity many snobbish critics don’t view action movies in this way.


  2. The racing would have all been fine for me, had it not been pushed to being over two-hours. Once it reached that limit, I had about had enough with everything! Good review Caz.


    • That’s a good point, just before the film was going to start I checked the running time and was surprised it was over the 2 hour mark!


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