Non-Stop (2014) Review

Bill Marks is an air marshal on a flight to London from New York who must deal with threats towards the passengers. Every 20 minutes someone on the plane is going to kill on of their fellow passengers. But can Bill work it all out in time before it’s too late for the entire flight?

Liam Neeson’s action hero film career continues in this film which I have to say was not actually as bad as I expected it to be. Nothing we haven’t really seen before when it comes to films on planes, but it do what it was supposed to do. Keeping the audience guessing to who is behind it all. Pretty impossible to work out really, but you do accuse pretty much everyone at some point. That is obviously the idea!

Bill has a past and we find out more about that as the film goes on and how it has affected his entire life. The people behind this attack have targeted him and tried to set him up. So you have to feel sorry for Bill as he did not actually do it and even back on the ground they were blaming him for hijacking the plane. Even the people he worked for and with did not believe that he was not the one behind it all.

So with quite a complex plot with twists and turns it is very current and will not age well. I’m thinking about all of the mobile phone use and messages popping up! Which is obviously very now but you cannot imagine that being the same in say 10 years time. But it is something you can watch and enjoy for what it is at the cinema right now.

It may put you off wanting to go on a plane for a while, so not a good idea to go and watch if you are jetting off somewhere very soon. Other actors don’t get much screen time you may even spot an Oscar winner from Sunday but you can probably count on one hand the number of lines she has in this one! It’s all about Neeson and I think he carries it well, considering I am not a fan of the Taken films at all! Will be interesting to see if he continues to make films in this genre.

So Non-Stop is not the worst film you will see this year, if you want to have a bit of fun and try to work out who is behind it all. Obviously parts of it are far fetched … But come on this type of thing doesn’t happen on a plane anyway!

14 thoughts on “Non-Stop (2014) Review

  1. Good review. You’re right in saying some scenes were far fetched. But people like us who enjoy action movies are in it for the thrill and excitement, and boy…..this movie has plenty of those. Liam Nesson can do no wrong these days.


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