A New York Winter’s Tale (2014) Review

Not really sure where to start about this film as it has quite a few different things going on and rather confusing throughout. You won’t ever really be sure what is happening.

The film starts with Peter Lake being chased by what looks like police. But we (I’d say quickly but …) slowing find out that Pearly is not a policeman, or very nice at all for that matter. It would take some working out to what exactly he is. A demon of some sort is probably the best guess as we don’t exactly know.

The film is not what you think it is. It mentions it being a love story, but I don’t think the love in this is enough to have it on all of the posters. It’s more about angels and demons and miracles which can happen if someone gets the chance to use the special gift inside them.

If you are still reading this well done as I imagine the last sentence might have made you stop reading. But yes really that is what part of the film is about, it gets better or worse Will Smith appears as Lucifer in a warehouse in Manhattan. Yes. Really.

I am female so therefore a fan of Colin Farrell, so he was a big pull to go and see this film. His performance was ok, nothing special or near his best. Russell Crowe had a very odd Irish accent which seemed to keep changing scene by scene. I do have to mention the horse which does stake a claim for best movie horse.

To throw the film totally off after Beverley dies and Peter failed to save her. He is once again being chaser by Pearly and ends up in 2014. Nearly one hundred years on from the time he was actually in. He has know memory or idea who he is, but this eventually starts coming back to him with a little help.

Was Beverley really the red haired woman from the vision he was meant to save. In another plot twist he meets a woman and her daughter Abby. One of them had red hair, so I think you can see where this is going.

I felt too confused throughout this film to really enjoy it and found parts of it laughable and put together with too many plot holes. Surely a girl in 1916 would not be in her 60/70s in 2014? Yeah really that part put things together but surely the years difference could have been thought out better.

I am not going to recommend this one as I don’t think you’d come back to read my blog! Has anyone else give this one a go? Thoughts if you have …

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