Country Strong (2010) Review

Kelly Canter is a big country music singer and is battling her demons of alcohol to make a big comeback for her fans. Beau and Chiles are rising stars and open for the star on her tour. But is everything really as it seems in all of the relationships especially with Kelly’s husband James very closing involved as well.

I had heard about this film due to Gwyneth Paltrow taking on singing role, so when I saw it on Netflix I added it to my list of films I wanted to watch. I have to admit though that while I had heard about the film, I didn’t actually know very much about the story involved in the film.

We quickly find out that Kelly has a lot of issues going on, having just come out of rehab because of her alcohol addiction which lead to her falling off the stage 5 months pregnant and losing the baby in the process. This has obviously impacted on her relationship with her husband James. It is never really explored properly into how he is coping and feeling.

We also find out that Beau has either had a fling or an affair with Kelly as he claims to love and really care for her. But it’s never actually made clear what has gone on in the past and it’s all a bit hazy on what is happening as we watch the film. Especially when Beau turns his affections towards Chiles. So it is rather complicated in the relationship parts especially as it seems as though James is interested in Chiles, but is that just because she could make it as a big star?

The film could have been totally brilliant from start to finish, but it leaves too many things wide open for me without a clear answers. Something which I think would have made this film really good, instead of ok/good. I mean the main subject matter is obviously addiction and how someone is trying to overcome that, but is it all really possible? I guess you will have to watch the film to find out what happens. But I will say I was full up and nearly crying at times, it was much more emotional than I could have imagined. The performances are good and the songs seem to fit very well into what is happening with the story.

So the main thing about this film is addiction and how it can be difficult to deal with it especially when those around you are trying to go on like nothing really happened. Kelly was pushed back into the spotlight when she really wasn’t ready and it did not work at first. She managed to find her strength to play an incredible show at the scene of the incident a year before. It is all very tragic in what goes on throughout the film but it does manage to warm your heart at times as well.

I thought it had some very good performances in both the acting and singing. But how come Tim McGraw didn’t sing at all? I thought that should have been a must with him being a well-known country singer! That doesn’t take anything away from it but I bet I am not the only one who expects him to get amongst the singing as well.

7 thoughts on “Country Strong (2010) Review

  1. I didn’t mind the film. It was more of a Saturday afternoon-don’t have to think about it film. Something to pass the time and keep me mildly amused without going too deep into it. Like a TBS film or what have you. Good review.


  2. The best thing about this film is the soundtrack ❤ I heard all the songs before I saw it. And I think the only one on the album where Tim McGraw sings is 'Me and Tennessee' and it's fantastic!


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